The Pyra Video Suggestions Thread

Well, as PNES (i dont know if this is a good name for it (its sounds a bit like a certain part of your body), Pgen, and PSNES is now working, i think i will put them in my next video tomorrow,
PFBNEO is also cool but i dont have the Files so this is for other Pyra Video Makers..
I think the next Video will be PFBNEO (i search for Games for the Video, but they will then delete after i made this video) or Steamdeck if i get this thing until then..
Well I abandoned the Pyra after I got the Steamdeck, I regret this as it wasn’t the fault of the Pyra, but the Magic of new Toys..
so I will show up tomorrow the new Gameports from [mention]ptitSeb [/mention] ,
Maybe somethimes in the future, I can also show a PSP Emulator, but it’s just something It was talked about on Discord..
After some weeks of break, i have an Idea, i dont know if its a good one?
- Comparasion Pyra, Analogue Pocket, Steamdeck, which one got which advantage, ,
i allready dit show Emulation Content on any of them, but a bit Gameplay comparation in therms of Controlls would be ok,
so it will maybe more talk than playing..
As this weekend have 3 Days in Germany, i think i will have a German and a English Version..
Feel free to tell your thoughs about this Video Idea
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It's a nice enough idea, the big problem we have is there are two groups of people:
  • Those that already have a Pyra know for themselves what Pyras are like
  • Those who don't have a Pyra, who have either been in a queue for one for 7 years or can join a multiple-year line now
It's like ideally videos would get new users to see the Pyra and buy one, but that just isn't possible

So based on that, I'd say just make videos you enjoy making - and if you want others to watch them think if you wish to aim it at existing Pyra owners, or people without a Pyra. If it is for people without a Pyra, then think what the end-goal/aim is - do you want to get them to join the multiyear line, or do you just want to share something neat with them that excites you?

Enjoy either way.
Someone needs to somehow get Pyra into the hands of some major tech influencers, and make YouTube videos out of it.
Someone needs to somehow get Pyra into the hands of some major tech influencers, and make YouTube videos out of it.

I think @matzesu is a pretty good influencer now.

I don't think we need to build up too much new enthusiasm from random "influencers" - what we need is a firm timeline for production, units in people's hands, and a renewed (enthusiasm in the) community here.

We need some good news.

One idea @matzesu - perhaps a comparison of how the Pyra was when you first got it versus now (is it 2 years later)? Any major updates? How has your use of it evolved?
@matzesu, you know what you have in your hands, the story, the development process, the actual limits and somehow what to expect from the future, you also use actively the device for fun/work, not just to do a review then putting it back in the box, so it is difficult to think about a better person to make this kind of videos.

A comparison with the Analogue Pocket is ok, but with a Steam Deck is a pretty hard thing to do, unless you will stay on Retro Emulation, could be interesting to see how the same games works on these devices.

I have seen RetroArch on the STEAM store, so I am interested to see if it works well on the Steam Deck.
Well aktually the EmuDeck Retroarch works much better on Steamdeck as the Standalone Retroarch from the Steam Store, so if i would compare the 3 it would mostly Emulations Stuff,
My Goal is more to keep the waiting Preeorderers busy, not that much advertising as when the wrong customers gets a Pyra, it want be good for the Projekt itself..

there are 3 different Systems, the only in common they all 3 can play tetris..
The big issue is that i ditnt played much the last few weeks whit the Pyra, its my EDC Emulations Handheld, but i more likely read in my E-Book when i on the go as its much faster to take back in the Pocket when i have to change my Positions..

At home, Pocket and Steamdeck are my way to go for Retro Stuff, as the Steamdeck got this big advantage of the Analogue Shoulterbuttons for PS1 PS2, Dreamcast and Gamecube, and the Pocket is much closer to a Gameboy, but also a FPGA SNES, Megadrive, and even a Hardware Emulatet Amiga in your Hands ..
I will continue whit Pyra Videos ^^ This Chanel might get a bit bigger as i also plan a Farming Sim 22 Unimog Lets Play Projekt (on Win Mini whit Screen Recorder),
I think i try this weekend to get Jedi Academy to run, its only lacks this game info file..

So if you have some suggestions for Videos, feel free to post it hear ..
Oh an my Channel is no only " Matzesu" as "Matze´s Stuff " sounds like there are much more things to aspect than i can provide whit my time..
Its got an GPS but as my Iphone that dos use the same SIM Card is used for Filming, i think i dont know if it works whitouth it.. ^^, also the Pyra is using a normal size Simcard and my Iphone an Nano Sim..

I dont know if this whole GPS and 4G Option allready got suport by Software..