The Pyra Video Suggestions Thread

So it is. I'll check that out tonight! Yes, it's a metroidvania, but I'm not that familiar with shovel knight. So yes, game progression is mainly in form of picking up new items that give you extra abilities. But yeah, it's still a type of platformer, and those aren't for everyone, although if you were playing games in the early or mid 1980s, about 80% of games were platformers, which is where I learned my craft.
I wonder: dos my Chanel Name sense after all? I have to make most of the Videos in English, because as far as i make German Videos (like on Duckstation), the Audience ask for English..

My plan was originally to have German Videos on Nintendo Stuff, to post these in the German Nintendo Fan Board, but they say i shouldnd do that as im a Competitor of them Nintendo Youtube Channel ^^

So most of my Stuff might be "Matzesu English", but a English Speaking Chanel whit a German Name?

Maybe: "Matzes opscure Handhelds "?
FYI, the word is 'obscure', not 'opscure'. Close, but no cigar.

I don't particularly care about the name of your channel. I do sometimes change names, but only if they use some weird string that's not their name, or occasionally when they're using their name but it's not why I came to their channel. But since you identify yourself as 'Matze' that's clear enough for me.
Apropos opscuré, i think i will make my Video this Saturday on Language Learning Software on Pyra, as a usecase other than Gaming and Office Work..
Allthough at home it would be a bit more confortable to use the Phytian for its bigger Screen, on the go, on the Train to Paris or something, it might be quite Handy to learn french on the Pocket Computer..

My other idea where a deeper look on the single Emu EX Alpha Plus Emulators, as i only had a 30 Minutes, or 15 Minutes Video where i showed all of them at once.., but i could also make booth this weekend..
Apropos opscuré, i think i will make my Video this Saturday on Language Learning Software on Pyra
Sounds good. One of my original plans to use the Pyra for was for a portable electronic dictionary / learning aid. I have a couple of (very basic) scripts and built a couple of plain text file word lists also to either show random words every few seconds, or (using dmenu) to allow me to select a word to link to a website reference for the word.
Strange: I can’t find my Emu EX Alpha + Video on my Chanel, so I think I will make the Language Training Video and the Emulators again, but not the whole series in one video but let’s say this weekend Atari, and NES, next week SNES and Megadrive/Mastersystem, GBC/GBA
And maybe there will be a new Software until then ..
Yeah, I'm not sure which of your emulator videos are using emu ex alpha+, but you have about a dozen videos with emulator in the title, excluding the one obviously using reicast.
I just found my Emu EX Alpha Video „A lot new Emulators for the Pyra“ but I want to make new once’s ^^
On Reicast I had quite a few Audio Issues when I made the Video back in July 2021, so I will remake it when the Driver is done ..

Im currently watch a big part of my own videos on Fire Stick, ^^

This evening I made 2600.Emu and NES.Emu, and maybe tomorrow MD Emu and SNES Emu ^^

Ditnt had succes whit Anki on the Pyra, it’s got black screen, maybe it’s just lacks some Packages..
This Weekend i will do the SNES and MD.EMU, 2 Videos a 10 Minutes, like last Weekend..

I tryed to Change my Youtube Name, but its states its not possible, so i will stay at "Matzes Zeugs", on English Videos as well as on my own Commentary on other Videos..
Hmm, I'm sure that's possible, and has happened to some people I used to follow on youtube. But maybe it was their channel name that changed instead of their user name.
So after my 2 Videos last weekend (Super Nintendo got 13 Views, and Megadrive/Mastersystem only 9 up to today, maybe SEGA isnt that liked as Nintendo? ), i plan the Gameboys for the Easter Weekend, i allready made the C64 Emu Video separatly one year ago, i only need to remake the other Emulators as i made them in one Video..

For Neo Geo, Neo Geo Pocket Collor, Saturn, and PC Engine i would need some Games..
Dont worry, i dont make my Videos on a Dayli regular base, i have some weekends i dont make Videos at all..

I dont be a full time content creator, who have to upload multiple videos per day for an daylie income, i wanted to chare my experience whit the Pyra, maybe some time in the future some Unimog Stuff, but first i need to learn how to cut and paste whit the Computer..
I at most follow people who put out one or maybe two videos most days, That covers eevblog and bigclive, but most of what I follow put out occasional updates once a month of so,

I watched both your new videos last evening because I got notified via rss. Nintendo is still a going concern with the switch, while Sega these days just publishes some games, and the only real modern interest is retro. You also I think made a mistake about your video number in video number 4, but I didn't notice that until I watched the video, so I don't know if that would affect your numbers.
Well, for SNES and NES on Switch you need to have the Switch whit you , and whit the Pyra this is much more easy , and sometimes Nintendo Online ditnt work that good because you don’t have Internet everywhere ..

Whit the Numbers is strange, maybe I ditnt know how to say the right numbers ..

I think the the next will be Gameboys, and then next week a bit SNK ^^

I also wantet to look on Sega Saturn, but these are CD Based so maybe a bit too big,
I allready have some PlayStation and Dreamcast Games on Pyra
Allthough i had some issues yesterday, whit my Pyra2 SD Card, i think i will make the Gameboy/GBC GBA Videos today,
please note: due to the Issue yesterday, i lost my Order on the Rom Directory, so it might look like i have 1000sens of Roms, but its only looks like this..

My other Plan yesterday was to have everything in a clean Order, but maybe i will not make this happen..
But i plan to have a different Savegame Folder in Emu EX Alpha +, so i could make some File Saves now and then.. i wonder if this works whit one Folder for all Systems..
I think i will post this weekend the PC Engine and Neo Geo Emu Video, and i have a Plan for a new Pyra Info Video where i tell in German what this thing is, because my parents dont speak english and i think showing it on this tiny Pyra Screen might not be that good ^^

Maybe i will also make a English Version later , but i dont know when..
So, after the 3 Videos this weekend, i wait now for suggestions as im done whit the Emu Ex Alpha + Series, sure there is also MSX and Sega Saturn, but the first one wasnt that known outside japan, and i dont have the games for the last one as they are too big for me, i stick whit the few Dreamcast Games and the Playstation 1 on CD Based Systems..

So feel free to suggest, but first watch my Videos to know what is allready done..

Im also open for construktive critics .. or a list of games you would want to see on these Systems whe have allready

I had a bit issues yesterday to chose the right games maybe i need some more time bevor to test these games..
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Saturn games are also on CD. It's dreamcast that potentially has the larger games, their discs being rated to store 1000MB. But if you haven't enough space for all three then I reckon you've picked the best, despite the saturn having some cracking games. For the MSX the only game I've seen to be good is Parodius on it, but I'm probably just not that up on MSX games.
I have enough space, but no Games for the Saturn, so i think a Pyra Owner whit a Sega Saturn should show these Games ^^..
Maybe i should look on a list for the best games and not try to download the whole RomPack for this System.. but this will need more than a few days of preparation..

EDIT: and why do my Neo Geo Video have only a few views but the PC Engine about 20... =
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