[The Thousand Dollars Question] So, What Does Snes Emu Worth ?

Lock Nam

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Aug 5, 2009
Hi guys,

Those past months, I have been really interested in buying old consoles. Wondering what would be the best solution, I discovered the Wiz.
It looks definitely great, but I could read that Mode 7 SNES emu was bad, turning around 30 FPS and stuff.

But when I look at this video, showing Mario Kart and F-Zero running, it seems to be perfect ! Sometimes it lags a bit, but I can't guess if it's dued to the poor vid quality or to the console.

So, what does the mode 7 emu exactly worth ?

By advance I thank you.

PS : By the way, what do the Genesis/32x/Sega CD emu worth, and the GBA one ?
genesis and snes are perfect i think (there wasn't any game itried which wasn't fullspeed). And even if one have problems you can overclock and it will run fullspeed. Games i play for example (ISS Deluxe, Super Mario Allstars, Super Mario World, Fzero, Darius Twin, Donkey Kong Countrie..)

GBA runs fine, a lot of games fullspeed with/without overclock and there are some which are really slow like NFS Carbon. I think the 3d GBA games are the problem. Pokemon runs fullspeed but for Super Mario Advance i had to overclock.

That's not based on facts i tried know. That's my experience.
The emulators are very good. And they will get better. That are still the first versions of the emulators!
yeah had mine a wek and allthe emus are fine.
kudos to the ppl that create these.