To Whomever Developes, Please Read...


Still Fresh
Mar 16, 2006
I am not a developer nor a programmer, alas i am a lowly level 1 tech. Give me another year and perhaps i shall be programming, but thats besides the point. I would greatly appreciate it if one of you out there would come up with a little program that would allow us to restart or exit out the the main menu on the gp2x no matter what we are running. There are alot of programs out there that lock up, or you have to turn the damn thing off and back on again in order to exit out of said program. Yes yes yes, most are "suppose" to have something built in so that we can avoid such things, but half the time it dosnt work. just a simple program that we could install and perhaps hit both left/right and select/start to exit out to the main menu would be beautiful. One last thing, i am not a technical writer, as of yet. If someone could update the installation and how to guides for the rest of us out there, it would be an excellent thing to do! The first couple guides were written quite well and helped me out alot in the first days of having my gp2x, but they are becoming out dated. case in point, the latest neogeo emulater is suppose to work easy and with most rom sets...not for me it isnt, eveyr rom i throw at it, nothing. and yes, i took the bios from my neograge and put it in there, still nothing, also took a bios from an older neo emulater, still nothing...oh it looks pretty, with its gui interface and pretty colours, but thats about all i can do with it, stare at what could be lol. if someone could write a dummied up version of the instructions for such emulators, super! At any rate, either or would be greatly appreciated and i thank whomever in advanced...JMM oh, if anything already exist like what i asked for above, please shoot me an email
Anyway, besides this person's poor ablilty to break text into managable chunks, this is a good seed of an idea. The problem I see is getting your task manager code between the applications and the hardware. Is it feasable to write a deamon that watches for joy events, or do the various frameworks steal all the events immediately? How will having an application in the background polling for events effect performance?

I think it would be nice to have a real task manager running in the background, and since this is Linux all the needed capabilities should already be in the OS. Somebody just needs to write a nice front end! I'm picturing something that:
  • watches for some big key combination
    Suspends the current task
    shows a list of tasks
    gives you the option to activate or kill any task
    has an entry that points to the menu app
This would be nice for suspending without the need to quit the current program too. Just switch to the menu and run -*super power saver *- or whatever. Of course someone would need to write a super power saver... There hasn't been a reason to write one yet since you can't switch tasks!

Just wishfull thinking though, I'm not equiped to write something that low level. I imagine you would need a good grasp of c and liberal amounts of assembly to make such an application usable.