Unusual screen tearing in GBC emulators

Apr 28, 2010
The init mecanism must be different for GBC.emu then. Once I have fixed the C64.emu, I'll look into that.
ptitSeb, sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but was wondering if you ever had a chance to look at this?

I've done a lot of retro handheld tinkering of late but i keep coming back to the pandora as the best thing I own for this. 8blitter works without tearing but I vastly prefer the consistency and interface of the .emu emulators. No worries if not, I know it's old news at this point. Just a nice to have.


Feb 12, 2014
I've noticed that some of the emulators (C64, for example) have Desktop switching enabled, so if you hold the right shoulder button and press right, it will send a signal to the Pandora to switch desktops even if you have multiple desktops turned off. Not all of those breeds of emulators do it, but a few of them do, which is annoying since they're actually pretty good. I think the GB one does it, too. I'll have to go through and make note specifically. I know the C64 one definitely does it.