What Are The Best Emulators On The Psp?


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Dec 28, 2005
Birmingham UK
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Well as some of you may know I havn't had my psp for long (santa brought it me) and I have so far spent the time to upgrade the firmware and getting psx running on it (I had some fun with that!), which I must say is very impressive.

I have, however, tried a couple of emulators (spectrum, lynx and gba) but see that there are often more than one emulator for a system. So, I was wondering what are your best/favorite emulators for each system and what are the pro's and con's?

I'll start with what i've tried so far:

Spectrum - PSPectrum - an excellent emulator, polished and very compatible. The screen can be a little blurry and strain your eyes after prolonged play.

Exophases GBA - What can I say, what a superb peice of work, practically flawless and looks great (in most games) with the screen fitting the psp screen. Full speed and sound. Everything I have thrown at it so far has worked.

Atari Lynx - Plynx - One of the systems I am most interested in emulating (the lynx has a special place in my heart) but this is somewhat of a dissapointment. Poor colour, very poor sound, but certainly has the potental if its still been worked on. Has a long way to go to get upto the standard of tuskenraiders handy2x.

I havn't tried the other lynx emulator yet as everywhere I download it from has a corrupted readme, and I havn't had the time to play around with it yet :(

So what do you guys think about all the others, in particular nes, snes, megadrive, mame, pc engine etc? :)

Edit: cheers shinneri, I will have a play around with them.

PS - I forgot to mention that the psx emulation ai'nt bad either!!!!


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Sep 10, 2004
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For SNES you can use SNES TYL or Unofficial SNES9x. I prefer Unofficial because it seems to run a little faster, but TYL has more features.

I don't know what the genesis emu was called (dgen, maybe.....), but I do know it ran very well in my testing.