What are you doing with your Pandora?


Nov 11, 2010
What are you doing with your Pandora? There are so many games and apps in the repo, that it is tough to choose which ones to spend time with.
Still playing Diablo II occasionally on it, but mostly Streets of Rage Remake as the Pyra version still suffers from the SDL1.2 bug that won't allow good full screen speeds.
Using my Pandora almost daily.

Kodi - videoplaying - mostly youtube video's I save 360p with a videodownloader plugin on my desktop
FBreader - reading books (epubs) - especially before bedtime. For that reason I keep the background black with gray fonts.
MComics - read comics on slackware (comix on the repo should be fine as well)
Games - pandafe is very helpful for gaming it keeps track of what I play. I can pick from a list of favorites or sorted by most played. I've got thousands of games on my SD card but I end up playing probably 30 on a regular basis.
Currently especially Panmame and Mame4all and a while ago I was mainly playing some gameboy classic puzzle games (Loopz is in my top 10) and revisited snakes on dope from Ruckage (finalized all levels for a 2nd time)

Who needs an iPad if you have a versatile device like a trustworthy Pandora :)
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I used my Pandora to play lots of Games, and i wantet to finish Final Fantasy VII, but then i made a mistake whit a Savestate, so i refused it then.. , it was my EDC Handheld i had long bevor i got my first Smartphone, i used it quite a lot for Internet Stuff, but when the Smartphones became more common, and the Websites used much more background Stuff, it became just too slow ^^
Used it also for some Office Stuff on the Go, some Libre Office Calc, Libre Office Writer, etc, but mostly for Gaming..
It was meant to be a solution to play Gameboy Games as i ditnt wantet to use that much Batteries for my Gameboy Classic, and my Gameboy Micro i bought for this Purpose back then wasnt able to play GB and GBC, but as Internet was still not that big as today, i ditnt search for this information bevor i bought it...
I also used it to make long Car Journeys a bit shorter when i ditnt drove, it was perfekt whit only the flaw that you cant connect a Bluetooth Headphone whit ease and the Audio Output was the Old Non Apple Style, so quite off when you use modern Style Headphones..
I even used it to get to the Internet when i was on Puplic Hotspots..

Then i got a E-Book Reader and more likely used this for Car Journeys allthough i keeped the Pandora in my Pocket until i got my Pyra..

The Pyra is used the same, but this time i have some more Systems to Chose as its quite good for Dreamcast Emulation, so i played quite more Dreamcast and Neo Geo on it, as its my Alltime Carry Handheld, i dont have to carry something else for Gaming..
Also used it for some Office Stuff, i have a Cordless Keyboard in my Office Box when i need some more to type, but its fine on the go..

I have also the Steamdeck now which is great for Emulation at home, but its not that pockatable as the Pyra, ..
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I have also the Steamdeck now which is great for Emulation at home, but its not that pockatable as the Pyra, ..
Yeah, I’m kinda sad that handhelds don’t fit into pockets anymore, but I have to remind myself that the original Gameboy was a brick too. That’s why they literally came out with a version called the Gameboy Pocket, if anyone remembers that. It’s what I had, and it was nice playing with a cool grey screen instead of that funky green.
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Pinta is pretty fine for editing text into recently shot photos on the go without a laptop.
As for games, never any better DosBox for me than on Pandora. I like the early egoshooters like Blakestone.
PtitSeb ported some interesting Mac games (that are now OS) recently, give them a go each:)
I am in Indonesia now and I admit I left the Pandora at home last week (unlike last time), and here I abuse the trusty old Vita a little for some music games. I was too scared to take the Pandora along - I am missing her already. Last time I played through the entire two Serious Sams and Indy 4 Fate of Atlantis :)

When I'm home I want to play some of the not too brutally hard Wolfenstein Mods and some recent and very good Atari Lynx homebrews like Silas' Adventure.
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I'm using my Pandora daily. Mostly to play games during my commute.
I've played many of the older games that I wanted to play (like all the 2D Castlevanias) or popular games that I never tried before (like the Megaman series).

I've got a long list of games I'd like to play (or try to play) on it some day. I was playing Baba is You but then I ported OpenXCom CE and decided to check if I could get the X-Piratez mod working... and now I can't stop testing it xD
I'm downloading WebNovels from youtube and play them back. Basically using it as mp3 player. I've shifted some functions to a new (company forced) smartphone.
Seems like time to grave dig :cool:

Lately I'm playing around with different boards, mostly RPi, both for work projects and personal ones.
I'm not an expert about their configurations and don't know the best OS for the purposes, so I have to make several attempts... this means having different SD cards with different setups that I always have to backup before any modification, or I just need the same setup for multiple boards.

Considering that I was mainly using Windows to put the OS in the cards and I had no programs installed to clone them, I started searching for some software to use... and then I started thinking I needed at least another card reader to do direct copies without the need for images... etc... more brainstorming...

Then I took my Pandora to continue the SSH session on one of the boards... and WTF... I had two card readers already in my hands...
I never though about those because I never remove the SD cards from the device... so I removed them, checked if DD was present and that's it !!

Now I can clone cards directly while I go around with the device in the pocket... there are so many "basic" functions of the Pandora that I never had the need to use, but when the time comes them seems like marvels.