What Classic Games On Cd Rom Do You Still Own For Pandora?

Just Master of Magic, so that I don't have to fire up my old PC to run it under DOSBox, which went from finally getting the audio to work to no working audio *again*

Unless Ascendancy is DOS, which I think it is.
Laurent said:
second exodous said:
Ohh, I see. What I meant is emulating Windows is a lot harder than the x86 architecture, I didn't mean to make it sound like it was easy to do. Didn't see your sarcasm since I didn't re-read what I wrote.
No problem :) But I still disagree; simulating Windows is easier:

1. from a system simulator point of view, you only need to be able to boot an image
2. from a user mode simulator point of view, you have Wine.

The first approach is harder than the second since you need some peripheral models and handling of more details (such as the MMU), but it's much easier than writing an x86 simulator with good performance.
Really? I would think since x86 is well documented it would be easier. I'm not really sure, I was assuming, and I've been told a zillion times not to assume.
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I've been slowly making bin/cue images of my collection of 130 PSX games ever since Pandora was announced, so I'm good to go as soon as it finally comes out.
I've actually bought old PSX games which I haven't even played yet because I'm saving them for my Pandora ;)

As mentioned previously, a lot of the games mentioned in this thread are also on PSX:
C&C, Tomb Raiders, Duke Nukem 3D, MDK, Dark Forces, War Craft, Alien trilogy and Aliens Resurrection, Magic Carpet, Grand Theft Auto, Alone in the Dark etc.