What was agreed between OP Ltd & OP GmbH?


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Aug 30, 2010
Hi ED,

I'm pretty sure that the answers to these questions could be found with a bit of digging through the boards but I do think it would be good to get some clear answers in one place so people can make an informed decision as to how they feel about the 'Pandora Situation'.

It might be worth adding the answers to this thread

My understanding about the situation is :

a  ) When OP GmbH took over production of the Pandora from OP Ltd an agreement was make for OP GmbH to Supply a number of 'cost free' 600Mhz Pandoras to OP Ltd. OP Ltd would then provide these units to their customers with Pandora pre orders.

b  ) The reason that these 'cost free' units would be supplied is because OP Ltd provided OP GmbH with hardware / materials for Pandora production.

c  ) The agreement was that 'cost free' Pandoras would be shipped from OP GmbH to OP Ltd to cover pre orders when money raised from new sales / upgrades permitted this.

d  ) When OP GmbH took over production it was anticipated that OP Ltd would continue to sell Pandoras to new customers via their web shop, these sales would also be used to fund the supply of Pre Ordered Pandoras / refunds. i.e. the roles of OP Ltd & OP GmbH would be reversed.

e  ) At no point was any agreement made to supply 1Ghz units to OP Ltd free of charge.

Questions :

1) Is this understanding relating to points a-e above, correct?

2) How many 600 Mhz Pandoras did OP GmbH agree to supply to OP Ltd

3) Roughly how many 600 Mhz Pandoras have been supplied to OP Ltd to date

4) Do you have any idea why OP Ltd stopped selling Pandoras?

5) When OP Ltd took pre orders for 1Ghz Pandoras the reason for the high cost was said to be to cover development / prototyping costs, was any financial contribution made by OP Ltd to cover those costs incurred by OP GmbH?
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