Sep 30, 2003
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I don't know about you but I have downloaded lots of wad files and very few of them work.And after a 20-30 min download that really pulls my chain.So what I propose is that anyone with wad files that work posts the information here with as much information as possible.
I.E 1) the exact name of wad to avoid confusion with simillar titles
2) the version you are running e.g DOOM1,DOOM2,ULTIMATE
3) the http:// if possible

I know several forums where this has been mentioned i.e interesting doom wads and others but what I want here is wads that do work!

The only ones I've found so far are deadbase v1.0, forest.wad v3.2(five levels with new graphics) both of which I found on an old disc and can't remember where I got them.
And the brilliant stardoom which can be found at I cant claim credit for this I got it from the whats your favorite weapon forum.
Apparently there is a simpsons wad that works but I havent tried to find that yet.The above wads were run under gp doom v9 using the commercial version of ultimate doom.
Hope we can all help each other.God I'm going to sound like some daytime TV show now but if we all do a bit we could end up with a lot.Of wads that is!
Hey I've found an ALIENS wad that works find it here

I'm sure a lot of you guys already know about this but I got all excited when it worked.Havent had much chance to play it but it replaces episode two of doom.
Dosent seem to have many new graphics but does have a nice spitting alien.
There may be more new stuff further in though.It works with ultimate doom cant say bout any others.

also hellraiser @

and this
both work with doom2

And dont forget the excellent twilight warrior and western doom wads links to both of these can be found elsewhere on this site.