Youtube - Wootsontv Gp2X Wiz Videos


Nov 9, 2008
During the past few weeks I have been recording some videos of the GP2X Wiz in action. I thought I should share them here too. Enjoy! :)
Yeah! Smash TV! I'd buy that for a dollar! Great videos. Thanks for sharing. :)
This has inspired me to get my Wiz in order, but to be honest .. its just soooo much work setting up all these images. I sure wish I didn't have to do all that just so I could play the same games in this extraordinary video collection.

So I'll just be content with watching these videos on my iPhone in bed instead ..


btw, :wiz: rules!!
Today I recorded some more stuff.

Terminator (SEGA CD)
Sonic CD (SEGA CD)
Final Fight CD (SEGA CD)
Giana's Return (Wiz)
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES)
Super Mario Land (GBC)
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (GBC)

The videos will probably be online somewhere tonight. I'm uploading everything right now.
Tis good to have these sorts of things on Youtube to get people interested. Hopefully some people will see their favorite games and consider getting one.
I thought Yoshi's island wasn't playable (tried it and it lagged).

looking forward to the vid.
Thanks for all the vids. Just one question regarding the Quake 2. What version of Quake 2 are you using? My version never shows the Id logo when starting Quake 2. I got my version of Quake 2 from Steam.