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    Golden Axe Mod Demo 3 For Bor

    Cheers to my excellent friend FunkMeister Smith, for offering us the latest demo of his excellent mod, Golden Axe! Demo 3 features: New levels New chars New player moves (OpenBOR features) Die animations, spawn animations Running elves which spawn items A new 'Beginner' mode selectable (and...
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    Bor Mods & Free Games Back Online

    Hey everyone! I'd just like to tell you that my site GamiKaze is back online, after a week off due to hacking! We've fully remade the site, but it's still the biggest resource for Beats of Rage content on the web! Also, you'll find lots of freeware games, and formerly commercial games, up for...
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    Retrogaming / Bor Site Back Online

    Hey everyone! Our site has been facing big problems this week, as it went completely offline for a few days due to an argument with our host. I wanted to inform those who visit us for the latest Beats of Rage mods that we're back online, and that you'll also find news etc as usual :) thanks...
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    Gpquake 0.4 Taken from 0.4 Removed gamma bug, water bug. Enabled particles and gamma during game (brightness control and flashing effects). Timing fixed (added RTC from Mr.Spiv). Game will run at correct pace on all...
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    Legend Of The Green Dragon

    Just wanted to say we've started to host a new game called Legend of the Green Dragon, which is a remake of an old BBS mud game :) You'll find it on ! Hope to kill you there soon!
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    Reporting An Error In The News

    erm... I've worked for Gp32emu for 2 years, and now I run my own emunews site :) Weird you didn't see me!
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    Reporting An Error In The News

    There's a slight correction to do on the front page : SVOrbis is not version 0.9, but version 0.9a ! 0.9 came out days ago!
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    To Clear Things Up

    Not trying to bring year old arguments back up, but since the last thread ended up with me looking like shit, I'd just like to point out I'm not the greedy bastard that some people may think I am. Like the log says, I tried to help a lot of GP32 developpers from the very beginning, I've opened...
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    Expand the community

    i'm sorry, but this has already been done by and , they're ran by the same team! both sites have a large community too. hope this helps
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    New irc GP32 Channel ;oP

    dude there's already 2 huge channels on EFNet : #gp32 and #gp32dev ..
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    GP32 RPGP32 needs your help !

    DM your project isn't half as advanced as this one, we spoke about it :) If you wish to help, it'd be great
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    GP32 RPGP32 needs your help !

    Everything is explained here : (keeping the answers on only one page) RPGP32 is an RPG engine project for the GP32 (hence the dumb name :), and its status is pretty advanced too. We need you ! :)
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    Best SNES RPG????

    adventure (non pure rpg) : Zelda action rpg : secret of mana, secret of mana 2 (aka seiken densetsu 3) rpg : final fantasy 6 is my personal fav, 5 is great too tactical rpg : front mission, bahamut lagoon other : tales of fantasia :)
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    runs at 3fps
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    obscure snes games!

    treasure hunter g is obscure :) i don't mean to spam, we discussed this on the other board :;f=9;t=4864