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    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 5 released

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Suspend mode is SOOOOO battery friendly now. Fantastic!
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    ScummVM 1.2

    Die Datei liegt bei mir in /pandora/apps
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    ScummVM 1.2

    Die PND von der ScummVM Seite und aus dem Filearchive starten beide auf meines Pandora nicht, egal aus welchem Ordner. Muss ich neu flashen oder gibt es einen einfachen, dauerhaften Fix dafür?
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    How to use Nubs in Picodrive

    Hi guys, I don't understand how to use the left nub as joystick in Picodrive. When the nubs are in standard config, Picodrive reports them both as possible control methods. But I can no map them. When I change the nub mode to joystick, this nub disappears in Picodrive. Please help, I...
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    Picodrive 1.80

    I would prefer a master volume option in the menu, if that is possible. In that case you could set a very low master volume and it wouldn't really matter in what position the slider is when starting a game.
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    Picodrive 1.80

    Hi notaz, thanks for your hard work. I have one little suggestion: would it be possible to integrate a volume selector just like in the Wiz version. For people who play in very silent environments most of the time the Caanoo is a little troublesome, because the volume slider won't work for low...
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    Firmware 1.01 Out

    The files seem to be a few weeks old. Is this official? Can't find it on ...
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    I finally got it working. My Wolf3D files were of an older version (date 1992), with files from 1994 it works great! Thanks, Pickle!
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    I have renamed all files to lower case. I have vswap.wl6 vgahead.wl6 vgagraph.wl6 vgadict.wl6 maphead.wl6 gamemaps.wl6 audiot.wl6 audiohed.wl6 config.wl6 in the folder...
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    It still crashes and goes back to the menu. I have created a _bar.png, get it her: When I start Wolfenstein, the screen goes black, then gets half white again and goes back to the menu. Where do I put the Wolfenstein files and what...
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    Thanks Pickle! But, what do I do wrong? No Icon in game folder and when I select it in the explorer the Caanoo tells me Invalid File...
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    Wind And Water: Puzzle Battles For Wiz Released

    Wow, thanks for the treat! Getting the Wiz Version for free is an awesome gesture! Thank you so much! Is there any way to reduce the tearing? Wow, what a design flaw of the Wiz this is ... Anyway, is there any startup parameter to reduce the sound volume? Thanks Sebastian
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    Gph After Sales Centre Opened

    Very nice ... I just contacted them about my Wiz because the touch screens seems to be dodgy ... They instantly replied and even called me.
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    [E] GP2X F100 + F200 auf eBay

    Hi, noch kurze Zeit, habt einen Blick: Viele Grüße Sebastian
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    Football 2x

    You don't have to be sorry, thanks for porting Pegball!