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    Doukutsu Monogatari ~ Cave Story

    How well is this running? It's one of the reasons why I'm thinking about getting a GP2X again.
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    Thinking About An Xbox 360

    Yeah it wasn't the most eloquent post. Basically a 360 you buy in Germany will be able to play all PAL games, even those such as Gears of War which weren't released in Germany, and also any games from the US and Japan that are region free. So buy a 360 and import Gears of War and Ninja Gaiden...
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    Craigix Discloses Information On New Gp2x?

    Definitely agree with the Megadrive style d-pad. It's almost a mix between the GP32 stick and a regular d-pad. Not sure about patents and whatnot but the same kind of d-pad has been used on plenty of PC gamepads and the 360 controller so that would suggest it would be ok to use that design.
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    Thinking About An Xbox 360

    Games are region locked if the publisher wishes, a lot of games aren't. The only regions that exist for the 360 are PAL (Europe and Australia), NTSC-U/C (United States and Canada) and NTSC-Japan. You can just buy a PAL copy of Gears of War from anywhere you want and it will work on your console...
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    Earliest Still Active Member

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    Earliest Still Active Member

    I'm pretty old but I guess I'm not active.
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    Man, I Missed Out On The Sega Nomad - Or Did I?

    The Nomad uses original Megadrive cartridges.
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    Nintendo Ds Supercard/pass Me

    Seems to me that you could just get a different region dump for those that don't work.
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    Wii Pricing Announced

    There's a difference between losing money and gaining less money. Saying "Nintendo has been losing money as of late" doesn't suggest they are still making profits. Semantics can be important sometimes. Also, I'm pretty sure everybody understands. It's pretty simple. But when you say things like...
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    Wii Pricing Announced

    Their profits have dropped by 19%. They aren't losing money.
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    I Want Your Old Ds For My Gp2x

    Dang, I forgot about this thread. Well, I've bought a DS off ebay since starting this thread so as of now I don't really need a DS anymore. The DS I bought is a little late arriving so you never know, I might be screwed over and on the lookout for another DS soon. Thanks for looking.
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    Ps3 = £425 Without A Game

    You're an idiot.
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    Who Won E3?

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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    Who Won E3?

    Are you joking? You must have seen a target render before?
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    Who Won E3?

    Nothing leads me to believe the Final Fantasy XIII trailer was anything but pre-rendered. To me it looks blatently pre-rendered just based on the fight scene choreography. It was too complex to be in-game footage. Of course I could be completely wrong in which case I'll eat my hat.