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    Future DraStic Android port: help needed

    I could test it on the Ouya console (I'll have it next week).
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    (SOLD) 1Ghz Pandora for sale+extras -S. America

    Replied your pm
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    (SOLD) 1Ghz Pandora for sale+extras -S. America

    Here is my pandora with my name on it for people interested.I can post any other photo or a video if necessary.feel free to make any questions or send me a pm. sorry for the upside down photo (silly ipad).
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    (SOLD) 1Ghz Pandora for sale+extras -S. America

    I will post a picture of my pandora with my name on it as soon as I can.
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    (SOLD) 1Ghz Pandora for sale+extras -S. America

    UPDATE! OK I am reviving my sell in here. Now I am willing to sell it for 499usd with the extras mentioned in my first post. The truth is I am barely using my pandora at all.Now that I got an Ipad mini is even harder for me to make use of my Pandi.Any questions you may want to ask feel free to...
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    What the P1 got right, what it got wrong

    right:I agree with most of what others have said before. wrong: -small nand memory size.(yes I know we can install the OS on a sd card) -No 720p video. -Not so good internal wifi.
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    Wireless Printing with Pandora?

    OK. I managed  to automatically setup my printer by simply using the "find printer" on cups webinterfase.However no luck on printing. If I set up the printer to use cups driver (in my case "new deskjet cups 1.2" ) nothing happens when I click on print test page or any document using libre...
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    Wireless Printing with Pandora?

    OK. Success!. I did that and also did what an arch linux support forum suggested: 1) From the command line type: sudo groupadd printadmin Then for each user you want to add to that group type: sudo usermod -aG printadmin usernamehere 2) In your cupsd.conf file, add this line...
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    Wireless Printing with Pandora?

    I also got stucked in the Cups' username/password.I tried to edit the cupsd.conf file as suggested by some google search but still cups ask me for password.
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    Setting up Remmina

    Has anyone tried Remmina with the latest firmware (Sz 1.52)? Can I use this app to acces my Pc from a different city, country, etc)?
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    My pandora handle

    Very nice!.What is your handle made of?.Do you plan to build (and sell) more?.It would be a great pandora accesory.
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    missing screenshots in repo/pnd manager

    Lately I have been browsing the repo page and the pnd manager and I have seen that many apps lack preview screenshots. In my opinion no screenshots equals less interest in people (like me) to try an app (specially if it's a game). How about if we help a little and use the snapsnap app. Not sure...
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    How to open with a different program

    thanks for your help but I got the following error: Failed to add new application "smplayer2_r6.pnd". Failed to load application from file /home/myname/Applications/Data/applications//smplayer2_r6.pnd-usercreated-1.desktop. I have all my pnds on the menu folder btw.
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    How to open with a different program

    This is a very newbie question and I already asked before with no much help from the community (please pardon my existance). I want to open all my movies with smplayer2. When I choose "open file with" and then "use a custom command" I don't know which executable file points to smplayer2 (inside...
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    youtube video

    It seems 240p is the only way to get decent streamed videos on the Pandora. Pandora Minitube lowest quality is 360p. Would anyone care to fix minitube to be able to playback (without having to download)  videos on 240p?