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    Lifespan Of Li Batteries

    Actually, the most amazing idea I have ever heard of for electric vehicles is "battery swapping". Instead of trying to engineer the perfect battery that can charge in five minutes and last 300 miles or whatever, this one company (Better Place is the one I think that is making the most progress...
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    Get Those Space Boots On And Help Me!

    Strongly agree. It pretty much takes everything awesome about American TV and movies over the past fourty years and jettisons it into space. If there is ever a reason to break a cartoon aversion (particularly Japanese animation--some people love it or hate it), this is an excellent reason to do...
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    My Keys Are Starting To Wear Off .. Already?!

    They probably need to finish collecting Batch 2 preorders before they can afford to finish Batch 1. :rolleyes:
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    Second Batch

    soooooo in other words, OP is out of money and need to string people along for another six-twelve months to pay for this all?
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    N900 Set To Fail

    Hey, if I can get it running here in Japan, I'll be side talkin' in style. Though to be fair, anything is in style if you're Caucasian over here.
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    Is this appdata folder in the same location the .pnd is, or is this one of those hidden folders on the firmware chip that are impossible to find when you need to access them manually?
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    Is The Pandora Vaporware?

    In response to the original question: I will consider the Pandora vaporware if they start taking batch two preorders without having finished shipping batch one.
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    Would Usb-Ethernet Work?

    I once knew somebody who only went grocery shopping once every month because he wanted to avoid the fluorescent lights in the grocery stores. And when he went, it was always a race against time to get in and out as quickly as possible.
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    Question About The Firmware Image...

    How much work will be involved in such a setup? I am concerned because every time I have ever tried to do anything remotely advanced with Linux, things. just. don't. work. I really want to be able to have Japanese language support on this thing, but if getting it to work involves a week worth of...
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    Question About The Firmware Image...

    So, you're saying that I can combine the NAND and an SD card into one file system? Wouldn't that break the OS if I eject the SD? I really don't understand what your (frustratingly brief) posts are trying to tell me.
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    Question About The Firmware Image...

    How jam-packed is it getting, space-wise? Perhaps I am wrong, but I am under the impression that the firmware is going to be the bare basic system stuff on 512mb with some common libraries, and most other programs are going to be distributed in .pnd files, right? My main concern about this...
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    Closest Pandora Competitor

    Looks like OP's "Niche market trailblazing" grace period is coming to a close. I wouldn't be worried about the MID, but the fact that people are considering putting keyboards and game controls together in that form factor is significant.
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    Open Pandora Internet Question.

    Slightly related question: Will internet through USB be an option? My home network is completely wired, and I don't want to have to buy some sort of special hardware if I can just grab some software and plug it straight into my PC.
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    Paying For The Pandora

    Don't forget money order! Give the post offices something to do in this world of e-mail and paypals!
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    Here Is What Will Be Happening.

    The fact there is no silkscreening on this revision supports this theory.