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    The Official, "i've Got Mine" Thread

    Brought a Jap PSP several months ago with Twisted Metal. Tried a few other games but nothing took my interest other than Virtua Tennis and Burnout. Recently upgraded to version 2.00 and purchased GTA:LCS and am loving it to bits.
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    Zelda: Ocarina Of Time And Master Quest.

    For what it's worth I enjoyed The Wind Waker. Looking forward to the next Zelda outing on the Cube. :)
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    Gta : Lcs Is Version 2.00 !!!!! :d

    Damn that's rotten. It'll be worth the wait mate. I've upgraded to v2.00 now and am mightily impressed with GTA:LCS. The controls are a bit iffy but like Twimfy said once you get used to them it's fine.
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    Gta : Lcs Is Version 2.00 !!!!! :d

    I've just purchased GTA:LCS and I need to upgrade to version 2.00. I have a Jap unit so I assume I need the Jap firmware? Where is a reliable place to get the Jap V2.00 firmware? Is trustworthy?
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    Console Or Portable?

    World Of Warcraft on the PC. Followed by PSP.
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    Tired Of 3d Polygonal Games...

    Amen brother!
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    The Sun - Animal Cruity Campaign

    Like most people here I enjoy eating meat. I think if I actually had to kill to eat meat rather than buy it from the local supermarket I’d turn veggie in an instant. There’s no way I could pop into the backyard and slaughter a creature for food. Not unless it was that or starvation (which...
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    Who's Ordered An Xbox360?

    I'd order one immediately if I could afford it. I'm broke though so I'm going have to try and resist buying one on my credit card.
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    Psp Winning Eleven 9 Translation Links?

    How does it play? Does it live up to your expectations guys?
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    Big Fat Donkey Bollocks!!!!!!

    Pfft. And to think I came to this thread to view the aforementioned donkey gonads. What a disappointment.
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    Gpx2 Or Xgp, Which Will You Buy?

    Lol well put. I'm not a fan of the stick either. Too fragile and unresponsive for my liking. If I still played on my GP32 I'd maybe try the stick fix but to be honest when you buy a brand new handheld system should you really need to bodge it to get it to function properly? Gamepark are so...
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    Online Games

    Still addicted to World Of Warcraft - but then I did play Diablo 2 for four years online so I suppose I'm easily pleased.
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    Clicks For Devs - Who Gets The June Money?

    Subtract one from Ryleh and add one to Skeezix. I voted in haste.
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    First Ps3 Pictures

    A safe bet really. Sony could market a turd and it'd sell by the millions.