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    Has Everyone Received Their Pre-Orders?

    The number isn't really the point, the whole concept is. Another 100 units from the first batch would have been delivered if this concept had never been conceived. If i had an order, by the time they announced that they would sell units for near instant delivery at a premium, i'd cancel. It's...
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    Has Everyone Received Their Pre-Orders?

    If that only was the whole truth... There have been no shortage of units to people willing to pay a premium price, as far as i know. And with supply being limited, there is no way those sales haven't made first batchers have to wait longer... B!
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    Is It Possible For Me To Get A New Pandora?

    This should (as far as i can see) be something you talk to whoever sold it to you about. Should be a warranty fix, if there is something wrong with it. B!
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    Playstation Vita Will Finish The Pandora?

    Thats sort of a prerequisite, included in the first post of the thread. But even as a jailbroken Vita suits me better then the Panda, i still say it's comparing apples with carrots. Or tricycles. B!
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    Playstation Vita Will Finish The Pandora?

    I'm pretty far from an advocate of the Panda, but, don't you think your barking up the wrong tree here? The Panda isn't a gaming console with emulator features. It's a lightweight, ultra portable computer. I'd rather have a jailbroken Vita myself, and aint in line for a Panda, but still. Your...
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    Open Source Console Released In 2009 Beginning With P....

    They need to fix the "question" it wasn't available until 2010, and hence, released 2009 is a bit...misleading. B!
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    Need Your Computer Help!

    Not to sure about what the laptop is going to say about it, but tearing it open, the keyboard is connected through a similar cable to the one the Panda has for the screen. Unhook it, and screw the laptop back together, and the keyboard will be gone. It may very well end up not detecting your USB...
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    I Think My Pandora May Have Died! X.x

    Well, email them, and work out the details on how to send it back. They'll look at it, and figure out if it's a warranty or not, and have you fixed back up with the least fuzz possible. Do get back here and let us know what happens in the end. B!
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    I Think My Pandora May Have Died! X.x

    Grabbing a screwdriver and carefully tight it back up, haven't been a option i assume? B!
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    Pandora Needs A Hub To Use Some Usb Devices?

    Aside from the fact that the hub has to be 2.0 capable, "any" should work. If you intend to run power hungry hardware on the thing you might want to pick one thats as a option, powered by an adapter in a wall outlet. I'm mainly thinking harddrives and alike, since they could drain the Panda in a...
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    Emulators Optimization

    Now i'm going to be a bit rude and offensive. But this is exactly what i said to start with. Coders aren't spending the time to do it the right way, and we end up with hackjobs that get the work done in a crude an inefficient way. As grateful as we might be that we get software that runs, it is...
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    Emulators Optimization

    I'm not really aware of any limiters that are in place. While a few things are still out of reach, none of these things have really been put in place to limit the device capabilities, the lack of ability is to be blamed on poor development tools. Mainly then, the SDK. But this was perhaps what...
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    Emulators Optimization

    Right now we are mainly looking at "best effort" ports. Not said as disrespect, but stating the obvious. Everyone has pulled arse, to get something out there, that will do the job, to please the crowd. As time goes they will go back and optimize code where needed. Somehow i don't think there...
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    Why Are So Many Selling Their Pandora On Ebay

    They ordered and paid 2 years ago. The priorities of there life might have changed... B!
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    Sony For Mod

    R. B. , most likely, RedBaron. I could put up a straight face and say he meant "Right B!" and it was support for my post, but honestly... No. B!