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    Keep Track Of The Latest Pandora Development! Well, this is weird.
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    Nokia moving to WP7

    I wish I could, once someone brings me a decent alternative I'll happily switch. I hate the way Google's been conducting stuff.
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    A world without ad's

    Particularly, a huge chunk of website ads lead to malicious software, even on otherwise reputable websites. The ad companies need to be rehauled.
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    A world without ad's

    Well, it sounds like a good idea to me
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    Post picks and first impressions of your shiny new Pandora here!

    It's very nice, I don't see any cracks or broken buttons. The X button is a bit 'muffled' compared to the others but it's just as functional. It feels more sturdy than my DS Lite... The emulators are great, but for games which they aren't compatible with, often they completely freeze the...
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    Release WiFi Driver / Firmware Betatest

    It fixed the wifi problem (didn't work with a WEP-encrypted connection before), but added the "freezing at shutdown" problem, and possibly other crashings. So basically the same report as others.
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    Invisible Shield

    I still have mine, ordered a year or two back. How will I protect my upcoming Pandora screen, if not with this :mellow:
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    Shipping and order numbers

    I got mine shipping email today at 650-750. ^_^
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    "your Pandora Has Been Shipped"

    Just got my shipping notice, on UPS, 650-750. Yes.
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    "Pandora consoles banned from ebay"

    As a matter of fact, there's even a Game Boy Emulator
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    I have deep appreciation for this. Can't wait for my Pandora.
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    Win 3.1 via DOSBox at native resolution

    Secret plan to take over DOSBox Also that's awesome, I miss Windows 3.1
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    Let there be boards (2010 - 12 - 02)

    After the boards are complete and arriven, about how many Pandoras can be completed a day?
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    Some quick Nubdate ;) (2010 - 11 - 25)

    Wow! Superb, I was expecting much longer than that but 2000 nubs already is pretty great.
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    Ultimate showdown!

    Ubuntu isn't that good. I'd say Slackware and Windows XP tie, as for computers.