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    Trading Gp32 For Gba + Flashcard

    Hello, I'm just checking in to see if anyone wants to give me a GBA+flash memory (or money to get me a flash card) for a GP32. I'm not sure if I'll do it, but I just want to check it anyone WOULD. Reason? GP32 is gathering dust here now that I've got a PS2... >_<
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    Gigas Pc Editor?

    imappy or something like that can help you create maps, it's a pain in the ass though so I never used it except for the lay out the grass layer :P
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    Beware I Am Making A Gigas Game!

    I'm kind of out in the holidays, especially now that I've got a handycam and video editing software :) I'll work on it again someday I promise!
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    it's not genetic, as in you get it from your parents, but imho it is something that runs in your blood... I mean some men like skinny girls, some men like fat girls, some men like kiddies! I'm from Belgium, the country of Dutroux, every belgian is quite an expert on paedophily because, well...
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    Ati Shit O.o

    Do you people know if an ATI Saphire 9800 can be incompatible with a pc? I mean, I meet the system requirements, no problems there... I bought a Saphire monday, it's working perfectly on another pc, but on my pc it gives garbled screen, nothing more, just garbled screen, even in the BIOS it's...
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    Dance Dance Revolution On The Gp32...

    I think that if you play games and hate DDR, you're the gay one :) DDR is great! ...I don't like the gp32DDR idea though, I might step on it >_<
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    ouch, hope you have a compatible camera for that 512 card :s
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    Do You Consider Yourself A Geek?

    D&D is fun, but I can't stand how people tend to take it all seriously and get into dark characters... I used to play a naked female that would hit monsters with an easter bell B) P.S.: I'm extremely loud, that's also not-geek :P
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    Ff Vii Tribute Thread

    sounds fun, don't have par/gs though :(
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    Ff Vii Tribute Thread

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    Site Help Needed :)

    themes then :) anyhow: thanks for the help, I should check if the server has php support though... :) but thanks!
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    Site Help Needed :)

    Howdy ppl, first off: I thought of posting this in the "I need help" section, but it's not really gp32-related (not until someone invents a broadband adapter for it, really), but I've been asked to be webby of the pedagogic sciences-website (it's my studies). My main idea was to have a design...
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    Ff Vii Tribute Thread

    that's what I really like about the game: "you can KIND OF see it", but it's not spoken nor mentioned, you're supposed to figure it out :) SPOILERS (ffIX): if they had hinted that Zidane was from a different world, it woul've been way better. If they had hinted his return but not had "the...
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    Rlyeh Got His Cw For Zodiac

    I have a plan! let's do absolutely NOTHING about it and let rlyeh have some fun! :D or we could start paying him €10 per hour, your choice :)
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    Do You Consider Yourself A Geek?

    1. it's anime cosplay, not stupid "I wanna be darth maul cosplay" :P 2. I don't wanna "act" anything ;) 3. some cosplays are REALLY nice (particularily girls ^-^) 4. I get a €10 discount for the event at which I'm doing it :) 5. FIRE BOLT! SLEEP! SLEEP! <--- no, I'm not that kind of an idiot :)...