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    What is new?

    I got my pandora a year ago or so... By the time I'd gotten it I had sort of moved on from the idea. I had wanted one since I preordered the first day they were offered. I kept it around in case I used it and I've powered it on... maybe 4 times? Back then it would've been perfect for me. It's...
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    Your pandora has been shipped

    my pandora came in finally! was kind of an ordeal and 1/17 to 2/8 is kind of a long time to be in shipping if you ask me. anyway. will post review later.
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    Paid for "Upgrade" Pandora and this is what I get ????

    my volume dial is melted too. not cracked though and all my keys but the left shoulder work. my 6 key gets stuck in though.
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    hey send me a PM about this (w/ this thread link) so I don't forget and I'll check it for you when my pandora comes in. It should get here next week and I have a ps3 controller.
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    Pandora reading light.

    ahah if you really want an app that makes the backlight fully on and stops the dimming script i'll write it for you. I will need a test project to work on my python libpnd wrapper anyway. if my pandora ever gets here...
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    Tv output alternatives

    pandora prt not standard - requires 10k min order to get the port part.
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    Why so many Pandora on Ebay??

    wow that's crazy?!??!?
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    Your pandora has been shipped

    one of the first things I will work on when my pandy comes in! checked the mail today, still nothing. i better not be waiting another 2 months.
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    Your pandora has been shipped

    well, guys... I recieved my shipping notice on Jan 17th, 10 business days and 13 calendar days ago. Still no Pandora. How long do you think I should wait before e-mailing and asking for a tracking number, to see if it's hung up in customs or something? It shipped Airmail from UK to Texas.
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    What are you listening with?

    i'm a bit of a fan of the Grado's sound, but DAMN those are some uncomfortable headphones. the solid pads are a little better but the donut ones hurt my ears after about 30 mins, and i can't listen to em for more than an hour without giving my ears a rest. I have Ultrasone 750s that I use on...
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    An idea to make the main site a wee bit more interesting

    OK i'm gonna write an egg timer emulator and name it Blue Protoman. What's the canonical hardware implementation of an egg-timer I can use for reference?
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    An idea to make the main site a wee bit more interesting

    idea to make forums more interesting! have a new post everytime you log in. it doesn't matter if it's relevant to the pandora! examples: An idea to make the main site a wee bit more interesting CHD games in MAME .106? Discus games featuring my various forum exploits WRRRRRAAAAAAGH...
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    PND Maker

    Yes, you're quite right. the instructions in the pnd quickstart do not seem to do what they are supposed to do. I'll change the innstructions on the wiki in a few hrs.
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    PND Maker

    well i did a copy myapp.squash+myapp\PXML.xml+myapp\icon.png myapp.pnd on windows. maybe my syntax was wrong.
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    PND Maker

    it says nothing is appended to binary... i'll check what's going on when ig et home. does this support squashfs filesystems?