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    Roll up, Roll up all Planescape Torment fans

    Well burnish my buttons! This could be a blessing or a curse, RPGs have taken a nosedive in recent years in my opinion, Dragon age 1 and 2 were pretty terrible and Neverwinter Nights 2 was basically Some Mothers Do Ave Em (although Frank Spencer's voice is considerably less irritating than any...
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    Pre Alpha gameplay footage of cancelled Streets Of Rage Remake

    I agree, 3D graphics is fine I guess but SOR really needs a fixed perspective
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    True timeless games.

    I just bought Guardian Heroes on Xbox Live, I hadn't bought anything on there for eons until I saw that and had a major peepee tingle. I thought it might be a little boring after I'd played the Saturn version to death but to my pleasant surprise I had an absolute blast playing it again. In...
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    Ouya - Android based open gaming console

    Interested to see if the controller will work universally with Android
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    Nintendo Wii U

    Having a 3 year old in my house, the Wii U isn't even a consideration, that controller would be a fine mist if he got his hands on it
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    Advice on selling musical gear?

    Hello Chooms, I've got an amp and an acoustic guitar that I need to sell but I'm having real difficulty working out how to go about it. Generally I use eBay to flog my stuff but their policies are just making that not an option with these (on top of the listing insertion fees they now cream...
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    NeoGeo X - A new NeoGeo Portable ( Dec 6 Release )

    I do all of my ridiculous purchases when fully sober, I think I should stay drunk
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    NeoGeo X - A new NeoGeo Portable ( Dec 6 Release )

    I've decided to just link my arcade stick to my Nexus 7 instead of getting this, I was really interested until I saw the price, I just think they're asking way too much for what it actually is
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    Wooden Pandora Box

    As far as I understand it the cad plans aren't open-source so they won't let you have those to build your own case
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    Doom 3 BFG edition.. don't bother

    Come on, we all enjoyed this scene right? I mean what a perfect way to incorporate gaming and cinema in such a smooth and totally non-shit or embarressing way
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    Doom 3 BFG edition.. don't bother

    Top 5 moronic moments of Doom the movie: #3 The Rock: "That's a big fuckin' gun"
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    Another Bluetooth Gamepad with Keyboard - It's got a frickin Laser on it's head!

    I presume you have to have surgery to whittle down your thumbs to fine points to be able to use this contraption effectively?
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    Gameloft Reveals $80 Bluetooth Controller

    Yowza, that thing looks like it came out of a 1980s Kinder egg, I do like the idea of full nubs though, I wish the ICP2 had proper mushrooms as I find the flat nubs a bit difficult to get used to
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    Asus Nexus 7 - Google Jelly Bean

    That game is buggy, sometimes it starts up strangely for me and it won't behave until I close it and start again (that is, force closing it from the running applications list).
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    Any Nexus 7 owners here.?

    Remember that the 8gb is really only about 5gb of free space, they don't tell you that! The OS and everything else is not stored separately.