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    Cases Quality And Price ?

    Fair comment craigix.
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    My Advance Wars Game

    I remember reading this thread from ages ago. It's one of the awesome projects I hope comes to fruition. Hope real life doesn't stop it.
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    Issue With Saving

    I have an issue with saving. Nothing to do with this thread, just can't save.
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    How Much Pressure Can The Case Withstand?

    This thinbg has the DaveC seal of approval. Treat it good and it will last.
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    Idea.. Automatic Pnd Info/install/help? Good Or Bad?

    Sounds good. The purpose you are trying to achieve it for is spot on I think. How best to achieve, how simple or complicated I can't comment. But anything unobtrusive that adds this type of info sounds great.
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    Official Blog- Keep It Going

    Good update ED. Shame it's not what we wanted to hear.
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    Any Musicians In The House?

    I have a couple of guitars and a sax. But no musical talent. Oh well, two out of three eh?
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    Whats Going On!

    yes good idea. lets create a new topping. Best thread in ages...
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    Keymat Status

    Then mali can have his umlauts too...
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    Keymat Status

    Then we get a really cool keypad with nothing printed on it. Awesome!
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    When The Box Opens...

    I'm sure the usual suspects will meet and greet when the time comes. I certainly will whenever I find such posts before someone else. Links in sigs help, and anyone can do that. (What happened to Chip btw?)
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    When The Pandora Cums

    A small return for those that have had funds invested for 18 months - to make them feel better rather than pulling out and being second batchers. I rather just get the beast and not worry. Although this would be hugely funny: One of the guys making Pandora's box has a name that means "to...
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    When The Box Opens...

    Whatever happened to PoisonedV? Although I like the idea, we never used to have much success getting people to read what was easily available rather than just posting something that had been raised dozens of times - hence some of PVs warm welcomes. Many of us helped where possible (ok and maybe...
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    Icontrolpad Updates!

    You are assuming it was meant as a joke.