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    A Request For Know-it-all's Who Shoot Down Posts They Don't Li

    huh? what happened? from my short time here, i experienced an unparalleled amount of friendliness here (comepared to PSPISO >:( )
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    What Are You Planning To Dev For The Wiz?

    Hey, Im deciding between a wiz and some other console i wont tell you about yet. i want to see what is going to come out for the wiz before deciding. do you devs have any planned apps or games for the wiz? thanks, vapour
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    Gta Styled Game For Wiz

    oo draken looks awesome lol. does anyone know apex designs actual email or msn or some way to contact him? i sent him emails, but never got a reply. will gba run fullspeed on the wiz?
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    'app Store-like Service'

    is it possible to create a HTML reader then? I can make like a HTML portal for my PSP project Connect... without the wifi... nvm. Maybe ill make a.. windows? no wifi.... um.. Wii? that should work? how about 360? sure... we need a HTML reader... maybe including flash? is it possible for...
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    Gp2xstore Wiz Accessories

    i emailed the link and got no response yet. Ill try pming him now
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    Gta Styled Game For Wiz

    Is anyone interested in coding a GTA styled game (third person view like GTA:VCS, not top down view like GTA1.)? Or is it possible to port PayBack or the GTA's for PSP? Thanks, Vapour
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    'app Store-like Service'

    hmm.. how did the web browsers for the gp2x work without wifi?
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    GP2XStore Accessories

    Hey, Where are all the GP2XStore Accessories? I see them on Play-Asia, but not on GP2XStore. I just noticed that only Play-Asia has a full lineup of Wiz Accessories. Why is that? BTW, is anyone interested in deving a GTA style game (the third person view, not top-down) or helping me start...
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    A slight change over at

    @PoisonedV: I want a wiz, not a Pandora. Too big a bulky for me. I want it to just play games and listen to music. The Pandora is overpriced for my budget (Yea, i know someones gonna say that I will get what I pay for, but I don't have enough money for the extra features the pandora has)
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    Gp2xstore Wiz Accessories

    I noticed the page for Wiz Accessories is not up yet on (it is up on paly asia, though). Any news on when the accessories page will be up? thanks, Vapourstreak
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    'app Store-like Service'

    but it cant be on the wiz (like the itouch) because it has no wifi right? It has to be on a computer i think im hoping gph will surprise us/me with wifi :D
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    'app Store-like Service'

    which was... ? nice member No.
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    'app Store-like Service'

    ? huh?
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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    Is there any pics of the new layout? I'd like to see it before i preorder