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    TV out cables for Craig preorders

    I poked about but haven't seen anything about TV out cables preordered originally through Craig's shop. It was moot, since they were so far away. Now that it seems they might be around sometime, hopefully, in August, not accounting for future natural disasters, it seemed a good time to ask. I...
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    Let it be known that I am now starting a pool for a Final Burn Alpha port

    I'm not ponying up, but thought some ideas might help. Here are some possible ideas: Specific games you want to work A specific playability speed for certain games might be wise Emulator running at a playable speed without overclocking Perhaps using a specific interface or launcher (though...
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Playing Final Fantasy Tactics, using R8, at 750mhz, under Hotfix 5. Just reporting a few bugs. The music plays perfectly, but incidental sounds like the background raindrops in the first battle and other minor sound effects are more "tinkly" than they are supposed to be. The rain normally...
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    Beta Flare

    The game throws you right into it without much ado, and it took me a few seconds to remember I had to tap monsters to shoot. (I've been playing too many D-pad games.) It's really promising though. Zombies shamble towards you, there's a decently huge area to run around. The gameplay itself, at...
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    Beta Gweled

    It's crisp and instructions are clear. Gameplay is fast. If anything, it'd be nice if time were slowed down a bit when matches disappeared, as when they go in quick sequence, it's hard to tell what happened. Didn't see any bugs though, and touch screen is the right way to play this!
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Just updated to R4. Valkyrie Profile CD1 (NTSC) at CPU of 750, no BIOS. The starting menus work, and you can start a new game. Video is then very slightly stuttery in parts. Music plays, but some voices stutter, and others I believe fail to play at all. Game then freezes upon speaking to Odin a...
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    Beta Bejeweled

    Eh, it's a good reminder that I should work on this more. Thanksgiving and December holidays were crazy, and while I still have a ton of things to do, I should at least give a few more pokes at the Rejeweled clone first. I did a quick change of the gems and found a fairly egregious bug where the...
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    Hairline crack - an older build issue resurfacing?

    I got my Pandora in late August, and it now has a crack wider than most of the normal seams, spanning between the USB port and the inset video/audio port. I've only plugged into the USB port maybe twice ever, never opened the case, and am very careful with my electronic devices. I haven't tried...
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    Beta Bejeweled

    I'll give a go at fixing this up some. A few bugs seem quite odd (sometimes gems don't properly disappear), and I'm not sure I'll be able to track those down, but I'm sure I can improve some of it. At the least I can make a version less... French. :)
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    Release defendguin

    Sorry about that. I had actually looked at the software list a few times. It's a handy resource. It must not have come up when I google searched, and it hadn't occurred to me to look there, for some reason, though I've updated the wiki myself and use it for other things. I think I searched gp32x...
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    Release Defendguin

    Ah, someone had said darfgarf was porting it, but I didn't find it when I searched. The original game was 640x480, and this one is modded to Pandora resolution with minor graphics adjusted to suit. And I guess mine has an icon. Otherwise, there's not much to porting the game, so I expect they're...
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    Stop Charging When Battery Reaches 100%

    I've noticed the first steps of this behavior with my Pandora, but will have to watch it if begins to charge again at 85%. I'll keep an eye out. I just assumed it stopped charging entirely.
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    Release Defendguin

    I've ported Defendguin 0.0.12 to the Pandora. Defendguin is a clone of the arcade game Defender, where the goal is to stop aliens from mutating Penguinoids. Quirky graphics and sound on a solid old-school arcade game. Graphics have been extended to wide screen and controls adapted to the...
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    Beta Defendguin

    I haven't found any oddity with the expansion to wide screen. I've 'fixed' the Game Over screen such that Pause buttons will quit to title. I'm declaring the port 'done', and have uploaded the final PND to OpenHandhelds.
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    I'm interested. It feels like anything tech is hard to break into for small start-ups now, and I like the idea of further supporting OpenPandora. I'm curious to see where this leads.