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  1. Sugar_Kane

    Roll up, Roll up all Planescape Torment fans

    Well burnish my buttons! This could be a blessing or a curse, RPGs have taken a nosedive in recent years in my opinion, Dragon age 1 and 2 were pretty terrible and Neverwinter Nights 2 was basically Some Mothers Do Ave Em (although Frank Spencer's voice is considerably less irritating than any...
  2. Sugar_Kane

    Pre Alpha gameplay footage of cancelled Streets Of Rage Remake

    I agree, 3D graphics is fine I guess but SOR really needs a fixed perspective
  3. Sugar_Kane

    True timeless games.

    I just bought Guardian Heroes on Xbox Live, I hadn't bought anything on there for eons until I saw that and had a major peepee tingle. I thought it might be a little boring after I'd played the Saturn version to death but to my pleasant surprise I had an absolute blast playing it again. In...
  4. Sugar_Kane

    Ouya - Android based open gaming console

    Interested to see if the controller will work universally with Android
  5. Sugar_Kane

    Nintendo Wii U

    Having a 3 year old in my house, the Wii U isn't even a consideration, that controller would be a fine mist if he got his hands on it
  6. Sugar_Kane

    Advice on selling musical gear?

    Hello Chooms, I've got an amp and an acoustic guitar that I need to sell but I'm having real difficulty working out how to go about it. Generally I use eBay to flog my stuff but their policies are just making that not an option with these (on top of the listing insertion fees they now cream...
  7. Sugar_Kane

    NeoGeo X - A new NeoGeo Portable ( Dec 6 Release )

    I do all of my ridiculous purchases when fully sober, I think I should stay drunk
  8. Sugar_Kane

    NeoGeo X - A new NeoGeo Portable ( Dec 6 Release )

    I've decided to just link my arcade stick to my Nexus 7 instead of getting this, I was really interested until I saw the price, I just think they're asking way too much for what it actually is
  9. Sugar_Kane

    Wooden Pandora Box

    As far as I understand it the cad plans aren't open-source so they won't let you have those to build your own case
  10. Sugar_Kane

    Doom 3 BFG edition.. don't bother

    Come on, we all enjoyed this scene right? I mean what a perfect way to incorporate gaming and cinema in such a smooth and totally non-shit or embarressing way
  11. Sugar_Kane

    Doom 3 BFG edition.. don't bother

    Top 5 moronic moments of Doom the movie: #3 The Rock: "That's a big fuckin' gun"
  12. Sugar_Kane

    Another Bluetooth Gamepad with Keyboard - It's got a frickin Laser on it's head!

    I presume you have to have surgery to whittle down your thumbs to fine points to be able to use this contraption effectively?
  13. Sugar_Kane

    Gameloft Reveals $80 Bluetooth Controller

    Yowza, that thing looks like it came out of a 1980s Kinder egg, I do like the idea of full nubs though, I wish the ICP2 had proper mushrooms as I find the flat nubs a bit difficult to get used to
  14. Sugar_Kane

    Asus Nexus 7 - Google Jelly Bean

    That game is buggy, sometimes it starts up strangely for me and it won't behave until I close it and start again (that is, force closing it from the running applications list).
  15. Sugar_Kane

    Any Nexus 7 owners here.?

    Remember that the 8gb is really only about 5gb of free space, they don't tell you that! The OS and everything else is not stored separately.
  16. Sugar_Kane

    Pandora at Play Expo 2012 (Replay) - Let's meet again

    I might go this year just to visit Manchester and be able to form a scathing review of the local area and inhabitants, let's face it, it can't be any worse than Blackpool... Unless it is. Do they also call wads of beige and dark green cludge "food"?
  17. Sugar_Kane

    Any Nexus 7 owners here.?

    I've got one too, I actually haven't tried to connect any HDDs to it even though I do have an OTG adapter. I don't really store much media on it as my music is on my phone and if I want to watch any movies on it then I just put on what I need and delete it when I'm done. As far as the device...
  18. Sugar_Kane

    The Coco Controller

    ah of course, yes you're right, I should know that considering how many things I've backed really
  19. Sugar_Kane

    The Coco Controller

    If a KS project is cancelled, do they have to give all of the money back?
  20. Sugar_Kane

    Is "JRPG" legitimate in its current usage?

    In my mind JRPG signifies that the characters are all going to be pointy-chinned 13 year old girly boys with multicoloured transvestite wigs, the story will have apparently been written by 77 different people with varying degrees of morphine withdrawal and at least one dangerous pervert. There...