1. ptitSeb

    Release Arkos Tracker 2

    Here is Arkos Tracker 2, a Music Traker targeted toward CPC music This pnd use box86. It seems to works fine, but some multi-chip music (the one with 9 track) seems to not always produce sound. I suspect this is a CPU Power issue (as they does sound ok on a Pi4). Maybe with some more box86...
  2. ptitSeb

    Release Shogo - Demo

    Here is the Demo of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division from Hyperion software The game use box86 and gl4es. It seems pretty smooth on a Gigahertz model. Go to configure to setup a good keymap. History log ========= Build 02 ----------- Repackage with nub setup for FPS Build 01 ----------- Initial...
  3. ptitSeb

    Release SimCity 3000 Unlimited Demo

    Here is the demo of SimCity 3000 Unlimited. This version use box86, and is simply the linux version from Loki pacakged as a PND. History log ========= Build 01 ----------- Initial build
  4. ptitSeb

    Release Neko Puzzle

    Here is Neko Puzzle, a puzzle game from Lexaloffle The game use box86 and gl4es to run. Also, I needed to hack the binary a bit as it used a statically linked SDL2 library. The hack was needed so SDL2 recognize Pandora keymap. Game use GLES1.1 backend and should run on all Pandora model...
  5. ptitSeb

    Release Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave Demo

    Here is the Demo of Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave, a casual shoot'm up from InterAction The game use box86 and gl4es. It should be fast on all Pandora model, and run with all SGX driver version (it use GLES1.1 backend). History log ========= Build 01 ----------- Initial build
  6. ptitSeb

    Release The Curse of Issyos

    Here is The Curse of Issyos, an arcade game from Locomalito The game, once again, use box86 and gl4es (using GLES2 backend) to work. It can be a tad slow even on a Gigahertz model (and the graphic overlay is turned off at start). Still, the game is enjoyable. /!\ Latest version don't like some...
  7. ptitSeb

    Release Robin Hood Demo

    Here is the Demo of Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood The demo use box86 and notaz's SDL to downscale 800x600. Speed seems correct,a t least on Gigahertz model. History log ========= Build 01 ----------- Initial build
  8. ptitSeb

    Release EFMB

    Here is EFMB, an arcade game from Locomalito As with all Locomalito games (and all games done with GameMaker2), Endless Form Most Beautiful use box86 and gl4es (with the gles2 backend) to run. Only the DPad is used to play this game. History log ========= Build 02 ----------- Repackaged to...
  9. ptitSeb

    Release Heretic 2 Demo

    Here is the demo of Heretic 2 The demo is the original x86 linux version by Loki, patched to handle 800x480 "widescreen" pandora screen. It use box86 and gl4es and is really playable, at least on a gigahertz model. Note that keymap is not changed and should probably be modified to be more...
  10. ptitSeb

    Release Eric's Ultimate Solitaire Demo

    Here is Eric's Ultimate Solitaire Demo, a demo of a commercial card game. The game is the original Linux x86 version from Loki. It use box86 to run. The game use old gtk-1.2 lib (emulated x86 version here), and is a bit tall if you are using X11, but is perfectly playable. History log...
  11. ptitSeb

    Release Descent 3 Demo

    Here is the demo of Descent 3 for Linux This demo is the original Linux x86 Loki version. It use box86 and gl4es to run. You will need to configure the keymap to enjoy it. History log ========= Build 01 ----------- Initial build
  12. ptitSeb

    Release Maldita Castilla

    Here is Maldita Castilla, a freeware game from Locomalito inspired from Ghouls and Ghost and other... The game is the Linux x86 version, and use Box86 and gl4es (with GLES2 backend) to work. It also needed the data to be read/write, so all data is uncompressed on the first run. The game also...
  13. ptitSeb

    Release Gaurodan

    Here is Gaurodan, an Arcade game from Locomalito. The game use Box86 and gl4es to run (with the GLES2 backend), and use the Linux release of the game. It does run on CC model, but some level (like the 3rd one) may be a bit slow at time. Speed is fine on Gigahertz model. History Log =========...
  14. ptitSeb

    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator

    Box86 is a Linux Userspace x86 Emulator with a twist: unlike other solution, this one doesn't need a full chroot environnement to works. The software is very young, so it's still full of bugs and incomplete (or missing) features. What you do with for now: Launch a few Linux games (including...
  15. ptitSeb

    Release Airline Tycoon Deluxe

    Here is a Launcher for Airline Tycoon Deluxe This is just a launcher for the Linux version of the game, so you'll need to have the original game. Either put the gog shell script installer in appdata/atdeluxe (it will be detected and data autoextracted is name is gog_airline_tycoon_deluxe_*.sh)...