1. D

    EasyRPG game requests

    Starting a new thread for forum members to request any free RM2K and/or RM2K3 games that they are unable to find online. If any data hoarder has a copy of the requested game, they can help out a fellow Pandora owner. :) Requests can be answered by sending the game by private PM to the requestor...
  2. Nintendo

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening REMAKE

    I would normally post this in my Nintendo Switch thread, but I honestly think it deserves its own thread/topic, because this old GameBoy classic, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is probably in a lot plot people's Top 5 TLoZ games of all time. I'm definitely getting this game as soon as...
  3. ptitSeb

    Release Shattered Pixel Dungeon

    Here is Shattered Pixel Dungeon, the fork of the traditionnal RPG Pixel Dungeon The game use Java (that must be installed) and GDX (and also using gl4es for OpenGL context). Appart from forcing fullscreen 800x480, it's a vanilla build. History log ========= Build 04 ------------ Update to...
  4. ptitSeb

    Release Pixel Dungeon

    Here is Pixel Dungeon, the GDX Port of the Traditionnal Rogue Like Pixel Dungeon The game use Java and GDX (and gl4es for OpenGL). This is a special build where fullscreen is forced. Everything else is vanilla. If you like the game, you can support the author buy buying the game on steam...
  5. ptitSeb

    Release S.C.O.U.R.G.E.

    Here is Scourge, a 3D Opensource RPG. The game seems to be working, but I have done very limited testing, so I'm not 100% sure of it (and I haven't tested on CC or Rebirth model, only on Gigahertz with 4.10 SGX driver). The game is a bit slow, especially on the Base (btw, if you are stuck on...
  6. ptitSeb

    Release Barony: Blessed Addition

    Here is Barony: Blessed Addition. You will need the game data from the full game to play this PND. Either put the GoG version install (for the Linux or Windows version) inside appdata/barony, or put all the installation files inside the game subfolder. The game is designed for 960x600 minimul...
  7. ptitSeb

    Release DRL

    Here is DRL, the RogueLike based on DooM. Freshly OpenSourced, it is now available on the Pandora. You can run the graphic client (using gl4es with SDL) or the Text console one. Both (there are in fact the same binary) will share the player data. /!\ You need to have Timidity installed on...
  8. ptitSeb

    Release Vangers

    Here is Vangers, a mix between Sandbox RPG and Racing games. This game sis from 1998, and is still commercial, only the Engine is opensource. So you need the data from the full game to play it (it can be found on Steam of GoG). If you have the GoG version, the data can be automatically...
  9. ptitSeb

    Release Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead

    Here is Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, the Roguelike game, fork of Cataclysm: roguelike that have evolved quite lot! This build has the Tiles activated (it use gl4es), and use SDL2. History log ======== Build 05 ---------- Updated to latest git sources Updated libs Build 04 ----------...