1. ptitSeb

    Release Robin Hood Demo

    Here is the Demo of Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood The demo use box86 and notaz's SDL to downscale 800x600. Speed seems correct,a t least on Gigahertz model. History log ========= Build 01 ----------- Initial build
  2. ptitSeb

    Release Pacman Arena

    Here is Pacman Arena, an opensource remake of Pacman, with added missile and bombs The games use gl4es for rendering, but unfortunatly, isn't really complete. The 1 level is perfectly playable, but it's not a complete game. Still an interesting concept. Use {X} to launch a missile and {B} to...
  3. ptitSeb

    Release Rockbot

    Here is Rockbot, an opensource game engine with 2 games similar to Megaman on NES. I'm aware there is an old version of this on the repo, but this one is updated, so I guess it's worth uploading it. If the original version get updated, I'll remove this version. The game use SDL, and I used...
  4. ptitSeb

    Release Cadog Adventures

    Here is Cadog Adventure, a run'n jump game initially made at Assembly '04. The game use gl4es and the source is include in the PND. Keymapping as been slightly modify so Jump is mapped to {X} and Run either on {B} or {R}. History log ========= Build 01 ----------- Initial build Some Pandora...
  5. ptitSeb

    Release RType Reloaded CPC

    Here is RType Reloaded, a remake of RType on CPC (128K) This version comes pre-packaged with a modifed version of Arnold TNG (an Amstrad CPC Emulator). The modification are tailored to make the use of the PND as much Plug'n'Play as possible. The game use SDL1.2 with omapdss for maximum speed...
  6. ptitSeb

    Release Cube Escape

    Here is Cube Escape, a simple randomly generated "escape the maze". The maze is in a fact a multi-layered cube maze, where you can go in lower layer (smaller cube) or upper layer (bigger cube), looking for the way out (the red door). The game simply use SDL 1.2, and has no sound. It uses...
  7. ptitSeb

    Release Hydra Castle Labyrinth

    Here is Hydra castle Labyrinth, a freeware japanese "metroidvania" game. The game was initialy on windows, and was then ported on 3DS. I used the 3DS port to port on Linux with SDL. The Pandora version has keymap adapted (so all button, shoulder and even Select/Start are mapped and used). A...
  8. sebt3

    Release KETM

    Kill Everything That Moves It is just another arcade-like-2D-space-shooter. This game (that I have ported on pandora age ago) include 4 mods, So this is the available apps : Episode 1 StarWars 1941 IronMan KartEverythingThatMoves All these games depend on the engine. One stone, two birds...
  9. sebt3

    Release SuperTux

    SuperTux is a free classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games covered under the GNU GPL. So far this is 0.3.4 which was released 2 years ago. later version depend on SDL2 thuss on working 3D. Lastest version will be packaged once the SGX...
  10. sebt3

    Release Globulation 2

    Globulation 2 is an innovative Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game which reduces micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to units. This version of Globulation 2 is slightly modified so it run fullscreen (1280x720) on Pyra.
  11. ptitSeb

    Release Hostile Takeover

    Here is Hostile Takeover, the opensource RTS formely known as Warfare Inc. The package is for now on the development repo, but I'll update the link when the repo goes final if url changes. This version of Hostile Takeover is slightly modified so it run fullscreen (1280x720) on Pyra. For the...
  12. ptitSeb

    Release Xmoto

    Here is Xmoto, the 2D motocross opensource game. This version use latest sources from git, and is using the OpenGL renderer (using gl4es). The default keymap has been changed: Left/Right : Flip Left/Right {X} : Accelerate {B} : Brake {Y} : Change side , / . : Go to Next / Previous level (of a...
  13. ptitSeb

    Release Amphetamine

    Here is Amphetamine, a run'n jump SDL game The build use omapdss video driver and so is forced fullscreen. The keymap is adapted to the Pandora, with {X} for jump, {A} to run, {B} to attack and {Y} to activate / use key. Changing weapons is still with the number keys. History log =========...
  14. ptitSeb

    Release GLaxium

    Here is GLaxium, a 3D opensource Shoot'm up This is mostly a vanilla port (only keymap changed to use {X} and {B}) using latest version of gl4es. The bump mapping is working, but not the shadow (wants 32bits, with 24+8 depth+stencil). History log ========= Build 01 ------------- Initial...
  15. ptitSeb

    Release Heroes

    Here is Heroes, an open source "Tron"-like game. This version is a mostly Vanilla build, with just the keymap adapted to Pandora (but can still be change from option menu). Also, Fullscreen / scalling is forced using notaz's omapdss SDL driver. History log ========= Build 03 ------------...
  16. Godmil

    Missing Pulse Lib

    I'm a newb programmer and thought I'd try porting an old simple C++ SDL1.2 game to the pandora. I've imported my code into Codeblocks and I'm compiling with the linking options -lSDL -lSDL_image -lSDL_mixer -lSDL_ttf but I was getting the compile errors:, needed by...
  17. ptitSeb

    Release Might & Magic Heroes 2

    Here is Free Heroes 2, an engine that let you play the classic Might & Magic Heroes 2 This version is almost vanilla, with just some changes to have good speed on the Pandora. You need the Datas from a full version to play this one. You need to put all *.AGG files from DATA folder inside...
  18. ptitSeb

    Release Torus Trooper

    Here is Torus Trooper, an abstract Shoot'em up from ABA Games The games is developped in D lang and use OpenGL (using gl4es on the Pandora). The game speed is correct on Gigahertz, but a bit slowish on Rebirth model. Unfortunatly, it's incompatible with CC model. /!\ This game is not...
  19. ptitSeb

    Release Stunt Car Remake

    Here is Stunt Car Remake, a remake of Stunt Car Racer from Amiga/AtariST The remake is based on the Windows remake, but adapted to Linux/OpenAL/OpenGL (using gl4es here). For now, only core gameplay is implemented. The graphics are not finished either, but the game is already fun to play (and...
  20. ptitSeb

    Release Zatacka X

    Here is Zatackax, an OpenSource remake of the classic "Achtung, die Kurve!" It's basically a multiplayer Lightcycle tron, but with free angles instead of the 90 degree turns. There is a basic I.A., so you can play alone (against many computer), but the game is probably more fun with human...