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Waiting to Champion the Pyra to the World...
Dec 14, 2012


The Dragonbox Pyra
and Pyra are a set of two of the finest and most popular models of the Pyra series, the two Pyra models are very similar but have their own unique features. The Dragonbox Pyra is available in five colors: White, Black, Red, White-Black, and Purple.

The Dragonbox Pyra is a top notch kit with the best quality parts and materials available at any price point. It is also one of the most popular and recognizable model kits on the market, with numerous custom builds available at every price point.

A few weeks ago the folks at Dragonbox asked if I wanted to send them one of their new Dragonbox Pyra's and I happily obliged. It's an extremely useful little package – it's an open source 2.0 Arduino shield which comes with a small LCD screen, buttons, a USB MIDI interface, a headphone socket, a microphone input, and two buttons that can be programmed to do different things. The box is designed to go with a single Arduino and comes with all the necessary components so you can add more to your own project. It's also very tiny – the whole thing is 3″ x 3″ x 2″ and weighs just 1.7 ounces (with the battery).

The Dragonbox Pyra comes with a basic set of instructions but if you don't know how to program then the author has a few instructions here. And there are some other resources on the Dragonbox website if you need more inspiration.


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