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Dream time.

I was working in an office when my boss came and spoke to me.

Boss: We'd like you to use this framework to process our users personal data.
Me: That framework was only released a couple of weeks ago, its still at version 0.1 and the developers say that its not for use in production environments.
Boss: Just do it, also could you add a new super admin user account to the personal data database.
Me: What's the account name?
Boss: NotGoogle.
Peony last night: I'm not that bothered about seeing the super moon, so we don't need to stay up.
Me in the early hours of this morning: Wakes up, then wonders why its still dark, then spots the moon out of the window.

Yep "someone" had woken me up so that we could see the moon together. :|
When i did flash bullseye on Pyra and did flash back to buster, i lost all my Pyra Knogledge whit the Files on the Nand,
I ditnt looked in the Topics when i did try to run the Games on the fresh buster where i ditnt got much Depencies down, i ditnt wrote all the stuff Ptitseb did post on the start posts, so i had maybe notice that you can enable a stats screen whit "c" on Reicast, and dont even wrote the other post where it was meantioned that you can enable fps meter on Reicast by using a text editor to edit the config file of Reicast..
I went to Whitby Goth Weekend today. I went for the bus this morning and was first in the queue, some old bitch managed to sneak past me and there was only one space remaining so I had to wait two hours till the the next bus showed up. The next bus was standing room only so I had to stand for the hour long up and down steep hill journey. When I got there there wasn't enough room to swing a cat and every other peron or so seemed to be a Chinese tourist. I decided to take a different route home, the bus was late and I ended up missing the connecting bus by five minutes, it was the last bus of the day so I had to get a taxi back home (£45 taxi fare vs £2 bus fare). There was also an incredibly loud dickhead on the bus that was apparently born an alcoholic and had a bladder the size of a childs. Next time I'm going on Friday.
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public transportation in the UK

The north of England is meant to be getting over a hundred million pounds to improve public transport, but I doubt that the area where I live will see any of it and if it does then the bus company higher ups will just embezzle as much of it as they can get away with.
Wear long underwear, illuminate the room properly, and maybe play music together or learn to do so together, whichever it is.
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I've put the big fluffy dressing gown into action also I've microwaved the koala warmie.
A lot of them are scented with lavender oil to mask the smell of the cherry pit (I guess that's why they do that). But that smell, while nice, is too intense for me.

Have you tried baking a cake? It makes it smell like cake (if you like that smell), heats up the room a bit and you can eat cake afterwards. You can even share it with others if that's your thing.
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A lot of them are scented with lavender oil to mask the smell of the cherry pit (I guess that's why they do that). But that smell, while nice, is too intense for me.

According to the faq they're filled with millet. The smell of the lavender wears off after two or three microwavings.

Have you tried baking a cake?

Not since it got too expensive to be worthwhile.
Where's the other Brit? (Sorry, I'm bad with names, plus it's been a while.)
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Or the musicallicious rabbit for that matter?

I think he got banned, twice.
Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death ban has no power … Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death ban. … But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death ban.