Any Creative use os SSH on your Pandora?


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May 7, 2012
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Hello everyone - just a simple question, what do you use SSH for with your Pandora ? Is there anything out of the ordinary you use it for ? I'd be interested to hear your experiences and stories if you have any to share :)
nothing much , for example im SSHing from pandy to my PC using SSH from CLI Love. With rsync its really power tool. Im starting pc apps on pandora using ssh tunnel with X server [graphical pc apps operated from pandora]
Do you do this with xauth on the server side ?
No need, ssh does all the xauthority magic for you. Edit /etc/ssh/ssh*_config (see man pages) files to enable the feature on both nodes, then a "ssh -X" and you're good to go.
Can you do the opposite, too, by the way ? Tunneling X from the Pandora to your Desktop PC ?
Yep. Wont work for GL apps though.

On the topic. a few things :

- I do have ssh key pairing enabled so I can just use a script to automaticly send my newly created PND on my pandora to test

- Backup my pandora home directory using an ssh tunnel (too lazy for rsync :D )

- Remote connection for debugging (not too fancy, as I guess most dev does that :p )

I guess one could also use sshfs to mount pandora FS on its desktop, but I never done that
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only using SSH for development (testing + debugging)

and transfering files via SFTP from my main computer(s) to the SD card
Please someone write a guide on how to setup and use SSH and Pandora and PC.

This would be an interesting article for Pandoralive.
I used ssh to connect to my personal server, combined with screen it's perfect for every day admin tasks, manage torrents, take control of MPD server and other things.

I configured all my devices to accept only rsa key authentication, double feature : security and no password !

I also used sshfs to mount others devices filesystems on the pandora.

Everything complete with aliases and scripts makes Pandora the control centre of all my devices. I can stop/start my web server in one command, etc.

So nothing really extraordinary.
Outside of ssh and X forwarding I wouldn't say I use it for anything too creative..

At work, I use the Pandora and ssh to tail log files of data from test equipment as it's testing to monitor what's going on..
I use fish to transfer files to/from my pandora - does that count?
ha thanks for the article, sshfs sounds awesome, didnt know of that :)
Terminal access, SCP to transfer files, GDB to remote debug, tail to monitor log files of running applications, top/performance profile to monitor performance, I think these have all been more or less covered, and none of them are very creative!
As a creative use I found a way to pass a parameter from a windows batch to a bash in the pandora :)

"launchpandaapp.bat parameter" -> this will launch a local bash through Cygbash, that ssh to the pandora and launch another bash there with the parameter that came from the windows batch

For example, while I surf the web on my windows pc, and I have to download a large file, but I want to go to sleep and my pc is noisy like hell, I can use something like this "wget.bat" and then I can turn off the PC because the pandora is doing all the work, and I didn't even touched it :D

Another use is a batch that starts the VNC server on the pandora, and then starts locally the VNC viewer, so, when I want to use my panda from windows I just have to launch the batch and click connect ;)
Just got my Pandora about a week ago. Have spent a lot of time setting up dosbox and configuring the system. Been using ssh to idle in irc. Irc running somewhere, on my NAS or rpi, then connecting over ssh and checking if I got any messages while I was gone. Already a great use that can benefit a lot of people wanting to use irc and getting to know how ssh works and how they can use it to make their everyday life easier!

Oh, and connecting from my phone over ssh to check on file transfers I am doing on my NAS while I am not home. Not really done this with my Pandora for obvious reasons (I could tether through my phone, just because I can... wouldn't make a lot of sense though). Since my NAS isn't exposed to the internet, I connect to my raspberry pi first which is exposed to the www for address book synchronization etc, then tunnel to my NAS. There are probably easier ways, but it feels cool going through 3 devices :D