Arch4Pan: Aur Support


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Jun 27, 2010
Milwaukee, WI, USA
First and foremost, Arch4Pan is a nickname I have given the Arch Linux rootfs that wejp has gotten to run on Pandora.

I decided to start this thread (until a mod can be kind enough to make a wiki page for us to add to this list as we see fit) to list all the AUR packages I have personally been able to compile on my active rootfs on my actual Pandora.

A wiki page where this list can be made nice and clean would be great, but I don't know how to do all of that just yet, so I think this is a proper start.

To begin with, I was able to get packer (a pacman and aur wrapper) to properly build on my pandora earlier today. This gave me immediate access to the entire AUR repository. Thing is, the only packages in AUR that are likely to be expected to work are PKGBUILDs with arch=('any') parameter. I am here to tell you that I have been able to get some PKGBUILDs that are set to only work for x86 and x86_64 to build on ARM. Below is a list of what I've accomplished so far. I decided to make this list because I was reminded by someone while posting in comments on each AUR pkg that I got to build that ARM is not an official architecture, so expecting maintainers to add it to the list is generally pointless (and likely that a small percentage of maintainers would consider it). I still intend to note in the comments on each pkg I build that it successfully built on ARM, but I felt this would be a good centralized place for people who are running Arch on Pandora... as it is the only ARM device I know of that is currently running Arch with a full OS including interface. If my efforts are in vain, so be it. But I will still do my part to contribute, if only to let people know which pkgs they can build.

Successful builds:
xxxterm (was a terminal error... worked fine when I installed and used sakura)
crack attack
cairo-dock (slow, but builds fine)
great, thx

guess there is noone stopping us to create our own PKGBUILDs, is there?

I'm currently putting voids last release on a 16gig card. Have great hopes for this. I actually think arch would be a wise choise for the official firmware, since it just fits this community quite well.

Another fan of Arch... the more we get in this community, the better support for the hardware here will be... I may be contacting you directly on a couple of topics... watch your inbox!