Pandora should leave Angstrom

Ah, see, torpor has ducked again, gottne pmprog to look into building a VM kernel appliance.

Theres hard, NP-hard, and torpor-dodges-hard ;)


edit: I kid, I kid; in case anyone doesn't see the gag, oir in case my sleep addled brain is being mean.
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torpor, I can see that it's not easy to setup a build server for OE with all those packages that break every now and then, but if you want to help out with kernel patches, I don't see a problem.

notaz patches go upstream, the few remaining Pandora-only patches can be applied manually (if needed).

The kernel git is it's own git pulled in by the build server, so for kernel building, patching and testing, no OE build server is necessary.

You can then send patches to notaz or me (or upload them to the bugtracker or send them via the mailing list) and they can be reviewed, applied and tested

Also, I'd still love to include the repo into the opkg sources file. but right now the problem still remains that the community codec pack will be removed on each update and that we don't have different repos for unstable, testing and stable.

Sadly, I have no clue how to set that up properly, you wanted to help me with that over half a year ago, but nothing has happened.

That would be a good first step, I'm still happy for help here.
As soon as I finish adding Open Pandora-specific stuff to the LOAD81 project, I'll go back to my work on Dizzy Wizards, and then I'll look at the repo issue, ED. But I remember sending you an email about this, a year ago, that it was pretty easy to set this repo up - you just need to generate the Packages file (part of OE) and then publish the resulting packages tree to a user-accessible webserver .. I'll get specific about it in a few days when I've caught up on my user-space contributing-to-Pandora backlog.
since we r ribbing torpor and sorry for off topic but MUSIC software! topor how you promised! :0
Hey, I've got a job and two kids and a wife and a motorbike and a musical career, fuckers!


torpors TODO:

* Finish OP-specific features for LOAD81

* Release OP nubulator app (LOAD81-based)

* Complete first beta of DizzyWizard port for OP

* Help ED get OE repo deployed

* Finish and Release SynthPackage.PND

.. anything else?
are we missing streak this much that we're gonna start picking on torpor now?
I would be honored to be the object of so much attention, but I think the real rockstars will get a little sad. However, as soon as nubulator is out there, I expect lots of praise .. ;)
sorry for the off topic but I'm curious. Torpor, what is your career in the music industry?
Errm.. my band, Restless Ear Syndrome. We rehearse weekly, have a few releases lately, and are planning our next wave of gigs in the Vienna underground music scene. Okay its not a career, its more of a hobby (my career is to build mobile app development tools for, but the point is I have a lot of demand for my time, outside family life. My two boys are gonna kick my ass when they grow up one day and read these threads and realize I was spending spare time arguing with you guys ..
It was announced in another thread that we're done updating Angstrom at HF6. I take that to mean that our OS is dead ended. Is this incorrect?
Are you sure that this isn't about the now-disproven notion that Zaxxon, the current Pandora OS release - not Ångström - was meant to be done with by Hotfix 6, to be replaced by the next release, Yar's Revenge, and updated via a repo of some sort?

There's been no talk of Ångström being dead-ended at all, to the best of my knowledge. Quite the opposite - I gather that Yar's is meant to be more in-line with current Ångström releases, thus negating the current issue where installing from the Ångström repo can break things. :p

Not the one I was thinking of, but it gets the same point across:

...(irrelevant emotional content removed)...

The Pandora2 can ONLY HAVE real linux if volunteers are able to do it. There is no 'ammo'

here against me, do you think a forum poll will make linux just appear on a pandora2 out

of nowhere?

Don't expect it to happen at any speed or in any useable form on launch, it might happen

that a group of devs decide to do it and it is ready and working on launch, but what I keep

saying is DO NOT EXPECT it to just magically appear.

...(more emotion content)...

Did I misinterpret that we're not going to have Angstrom by default on future OpenPandora devices?
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Craig somehow has this notion that Android will "just work" in ways that Linux absolutely cannot. He is wrong. Exophase and I both tried to demonstrate the flaws in his reasoning. I'm not going to get into it again.
Did I misinterpret that we're not going to have Angstrom by default on future OpenPandora devices?

Well there is never any guarantee that there will be anything at release. Same goes for any software. since the pandora project is designed to be supported by the community (and mainly at no cost) anything that is produced is because someone wanted to to do it.

Could be there is more information that is drove that comment, for example maybe Craig talked to certain people about supporting linux for the next project and he was told no. Something like that could drive Craig to make the outlook sound disappointing. But who knows it could just be for the first reason i gave.

The point is that pandora either now and the in the future should be open so the opportunity is there for anyone to do it.

Also its not like no linux support could be there, if a wise decision is made on choosing the soc linux support should be there. For example TI supports the linux kernel in supporting the hardware they sell. There is also common projects that have the same hardware that indirectly help support pandora, for exmaple the new power mode support that was picked up in the latest kernel builds.
@Torpor, that's cool, I was hoping you'd say that actually. I wasn't trying to nail you on not really being busy with rl or anything, I'm just always interested in new music. Your sound is cool, psychedelic even but laid back, I like it. This vienna? :p
Doobie, cool ..

Apropos the open nature of the Pandora, I am 100% with Pickle. I believe that the Pandora will be what the users make of it, since its entirely open. I'll treat Android as a bootable SD card, and use if it I really need it (unlikely) on my Pandora hardware, but for me the true value of our gear is the fact that its a Linux distribution maintained by users.

I'm absolutely loving it as a development machine. Its got everything it needs to write its own software, and it works extremely well. Android and iOS don't have that. They are the OS of enslaved hardware, wherein the hardware is useless without, at least, a laptop upon which to set up the development environment.

Perhaps what I should do is build notaz kernel with an actual Pandora, boot from it, and then set up a full source tree based on opkg's build dependencies.. ;) If you guys don't hear from me in two weeks on this issue, its because my Pandora isn't done building .. yet ..
Perhaps what I should do is build notaz kernel with an actual Pandora, boot from it, and then set up a full source tree based on opkg's build dependencies.. ;) If you guys don't hear from me in two weeks on this issue, its because my Pandora isn't done building .. yet ..

I think your SD card is going to croak first.
Okay then, NFS over multiple USB interfaces. Fine with me, I'll set up a fast SD card as swap and let the system use 64megs of RAM as a union ramdisk. Don't bother asking me if I'm stupid enough to build the kernel on an NFS mount.