Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Please stay safe, y'all

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It makes no difference if the janitor or other low ranking people have good intentions. The people at the top is what it's about and they're good at gaining power and money because they deeply care about those things so they tend to be corrupt. Some are not, but most are.
Oh sure, most of the time the people at the top will be nominated for political reasons and will have a political agenda (financial corruption is not necessary, you can just put someone who shares your beliefs and think he's acting for a good cause). However, they aren't the ones who'll conduct your research or write your reports.

Now let's say you're the WHO boss, appointed by Bill Gates with the mission to vaccinate everyone with your mind-control vaccine. One of your team gets reports about huge problems caused by vaccinations. First, unless your orgnization forces everything to go through you, there's a risk it will be published without you knowing it. But let's assume you are aware of these reports. Obviously, you can't have them published without jeopardizing Bill Gates' world domination plans.
So what do you do?

You can't just walk in the office of the people who got the report and tell them to ignore it. Since most of them have good intentions, there's a risk you'll have a whistleblower. And even if you don't, those who sent the reports will probably figure that there's something wrong.
You can't fire the team. They aren't under your direct control. You can try to pressure the boss of the boss of their boss, but it's risky. You can try to change the organization so that this team becomes understaffed/underfunded/irrelevant. But such an organizational change is slow. You can try to change the team, but you'll have to start by replacing the boss of the boss of their boss, who'll then replace the boss of their boss who'll then replace their boss who'll then re-arrange the team. This is also a slow process.

And the donor should be able to refuse to donate based on the organsiation not obeying.
Funny you should mention that, because that whole WHO funding story started because Trump decided to refuse to donate. Do you know the reason given by the White House? It's because in their opinion the WHO didn't handle the situation correctly and trusted China's reports. The reason the WHO trusted China's report is because it's what the WHO should do according to the agreements they're based on. They don't have the authority to question the report of a country or to conduct their own investigation without the country's consent.

So the WHO did follow their rules, and it led them to losing a donor because they didn't obey them.
So it seems to show that the WHO would rather lose a donator than obeying them.

That is what lobbying is. Paying the government to get what you want. It's why we have laws like the Mickey Mouse Protection Act.
Exactly, except that it's paying a political party or a politician, not the government.
There's many trials, so many molecules/treatments are tried.
As usual, we have to wait before concluding anything.
I think it's just FUD.

And unsurprisingly, we don't see articles saying that hydroalcoholic gel go in the blood though the skin and is incredibly bad for the health.
We know that since years, but it should be recalled again and again.
In France they want to put it in schools...
Parody article :^) :

French translation:
So you can protect yourself from a Lung Disease, by getting another Lung Disease ?? , This is just my Humor ^^

From next week on, there is a order from our Goverment to wear Mask at shopping and on Puplic Transport,

I have allready 2 Buff Bandanas, so i can change them on the Day,, i use 1 for 2 Hours, and let the used on then try, which allready works pretty good..
Breaking news from a member of my family coming back from a specialized covid unit in a hospital:
The virus can trigger a devastating attack over nerves one month after a symptom-less contamination.
@Linux-SWAT Have you received any further info about this?
The guy is back at home and is slowly recovering.
The pain was so intense he passed out at the hospital.
He stayed 3 days in ICU with medics in astronaut suits, having a lot of blood tests, radios, scanners...
The guy is back at home and is slowly recovering.
The pain was so intense he passed out at the hospital.
He stayed 3 days in ICU with medics in astronaut suits, having a lot of blood tests, radios, scanners...
Poor guy... Did he have fibromyalgia already as an underlying condition?
Numbers are finally slowly decreasing in hospital ICUs.
So between 6 and 7 weeks of false lockdown were needed for the numbers to start declining in hospitals.
Number of deaths is steady, but this particular number is phony, like in every other countries.
Also elderly centers are still affected, and the mass media don't care because they promote the end of lockdown.

People started to go out massively last Sunday, and the lockdown will partially end May 11th.
Only 10~20% of people wear a mask/scarf. I had to take a long walk to bring a computer to someone, and I had to practice zigzag and slalom all the way. My feet were painful the following days.
I have no idea when the second wave will start here. I'd say mid June, but it heavily depends on how many idiots will put their children in school, and/or take public transportation to go to work in offices.
Professor Raoult says the virus will disappear, so I guess sooner or later we'll definitely know if he's part of the Benny Hill show.
Professor Raoult says the virus will disappear, so I guess sooner or later we'll definitely know if he's part of the Benny Hill show.

Always fun to read old articles about the flu:

Can anyone say when the next pandemic will arrive? Well, no. Look at the past century: 4 pandemics, separated by 39 years, 11 years, and 41 years. From that record it seems we should be safe for a while. But until 2009, the pandemics had always pushed out the previous flu. We're still living with the 1968 flu strain, and no one knows when a new flu will truly replace it.

Meanwhile, get your flu shot, because the flu mutates so fast that we need a new vaccine every year to keep ahead of it. Work continues to try to develop a permanent flu vaccine - one that we will only have to take once in a lifetime. If you like that idea, then keep supporting NIH, which is the biggest source of funding for flu research.

Oh right: we just cut NIH across the board because Congress couldn't get its act together. I guess we may have to wait a bit longer for a better flu vaccine.
Especially the snark that the US congress wasn't working in 2013 either.
Stay at home / Quarantine poster. Of course, the truckdriver will object that he/she uses the roads, and we use their service, so we use the roads.
Sure, but combining independently quarantined groups like you do when you take friends from different houses in your car is also breaking quarantine, at least in the current British definition of social isolation.
It's been decades that Swiss government pay sex workers to offer services to handicapped persons.
Below is a fucking joke of an article, I mean OF COURSE NOT!!

Lockdown is very problematic for sex workers in countries where their jobs are either illegal or in a gray area that makes it impossible for them to organize/unionize. They can't work during lockdown and can't benefit from the social packages that other workers get. I'm not saying that the solution is to consider them essential workers, I don't know enough about the topic to give an opinion, but the lockdown is very problematic for a population whose conditions weren't already that good to begin with.

I've also seen the question of drug dealers being essential workers, since you don't want dependant people to go cold turkey during a lockdown. This is the kind of situation that could become dangerous to them and to people around them.
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