Don't Buy From This Guy


May 12, 2010
Don't buy from this guy, if you have a problem he will tryand con you if that doesn't work he will straight out threaten you, what a pieceof work he also lies about where he is
I was tricked into giving him positive feedback saying hewill give you a full refund if you give a positive feedback then he threatensto report you to eBay for treating him
So what exactly IS the problem? What's wrong with the machine? What's wrong with his service - what you got was what was advertised wasn't it? Was it just the emulators you had a problem with?

The amount of money you've wasted buying this, that and the other and then selling it on after just a short time is unbelievable. What are you hoping to achieve? What exactly are you after in a machine? You're obviously looking for something that none of the machines to date offers. So what is it? How about doing some research (before you buy anything else) and find the machine that does EXACTLY what you want it to do and buy it and (here's a new one) stick with it. For more than a week. Either you will find what you're after or it doesn't exist. Either way you'll know.
Iorgy77 said:
He has bought and sold every handheld with homebrew already. Some more than once.

By the way asking for positive feedback and then promising to refund is a classic sellers trick when dealing with unreasonable customers.

I am not saying its right, but its not the sellers fault you didnt research that the vocamaster is not compatible with wiz software. If the seller is claiming he has emulators that work on the vocamaster and has provided them in the auction and they dont work, well that is another matter...

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