Ds Launch In Australia


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Oct 1, 2003
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Dunno if anyone cares but the DS launched in Australia on the 24th. Here is the down under report. :ph34r:

I walked into K-mart (big store) to check it out on the thursday. The store was pretty empty in the electronics section which was good. At first I couldn't find it...the sales counter in the electronics section had a small sign saying "DS 24th". I asked the sales person where the DS is. She led me to a tiny back corner section where the GBA stuff was. This really suprised me, not as much as the fact there was no demo unit and that it only had 1 square metre of shelf space, I'm not kidding. THe GBA stuff took up 9/10ths of the shelf.

Anyway, the price was 194AU(152US) with the metroid demo and with the first 100 getting a free carry case (nah kidding everyone got one) which is an ok price I think. Anyway the catalogue had 9 games listed for launch but there was only 4. I asked where the others were, she shrugged...OK lol. The catalogue also had heaps of accessories listed, nothing here either.

The games are expensive in my opinion at $70AU, full priced PS2, Xbox and GCN are $80. GBA games were "Shudder" $90 when they came out, so this was an improvement.

Anyway I decided to check out other stores.Target same story, no demo unit, no advertising, very small shelf space and more expensive too, $199 no carry case.

Finally EB, had most of the games and accessories and had a demo unit with mario 64 of course :p. Seems to be exactly the ame as the US one, just a different power cable.

Overall: Same launch as the GBA, not much money spent on advertising, games expensive, not enough proper shelf space. Gamecube is dying in Aus and has much more shelf space as does the GBA. I'm not sure mums will know what the difference is since GBA and DS stuff have just been thrown together.

Till next time with the Aus PSP report
Kotd reporter down under :rolleyes: :lol:
Nice review :) So just K-mart have the free carry case? Might check out Myer/Grace Brothers as well as they are owned by the same company as K-Mart.

IF I got one (A VERY BIG IF) I would just use it to play the Metroid demo and my gba games on the flashcart. $70AU for a DS game is a friggin Joke... :angry:
Yeah Kmart had a good introductory deal. I was thinking Nintendo of Australia would sell the games for $50 like they used to in the GB and GBC days, but looks like they're pretty greedy.