Emulation? Gp2x Vs Psp

renejr902 said:
but im very surprised that Jenesis v.0.6 on Nintendo DS RUN FULL SPEED with any games and rarely have slowdown. NO frameskip and run full speed.

how can be this impossible in the psp.
New version out today. Jenesis v0.7.
The emulator is using the NDS hardware. The same way that the relatively low-specced GBA has some excellent full-speed emulators for SMS, PCE, MSX, Colecovision, NES and others.
The reason is that the video hardware on the original systems match the hardware on the NDS (to a degree) so for example, drawing graphics requires many times less work than on a traditional type of emulator.
Also, the NDS is using the Cyclone assembler core for the 68000 cpu where as the PSP cannot use this as it's specific to the ARM CPU.
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