First Game to Play

Quake3....I was hugely disappointed by the controls in the game. Totally unplayable in it's current state. Still the same which is a sad thing.
Yeah the controls need to be tweaked by someone.. It's semi-playable with if you know to never touch the left nub.. not even slightly it will cause you to move erratically.

I was very excited about Quake3... But the controls are absolutely horrid. I pm'd Pickle about the possibility of external mouse support...

Bottom line is we need enough of us to get Pickle interested in fixing the controls for Quake3. Maybe start a pool. Or... find someone else willing to re-port it. :mellow:
It isn't Interstate '76 (Which I was driving on last week for real), but Stunts works under DosBox.
Also a good game, me and my friends used to make hundreds of tracks for it and tried to beat each others records :rolleyes:

Not even close to I76 though. I guess the only thing that might be close is "Vigilante 8" for the PS1. But from what I've seen it looks and feels more like Interstate 82 (which I never liked), with more futuristic equipment and stuff ... not sure if it even features any of the original characters, so basically it looks like Interstate 76 but completely lacks the atmosphere and feeling that made it (in my book) one of the best and most underrated games ever created.

Vigilante 8 is on n64 as well i like that version better back in the day but haven't tested to see if it works might try that tonight