The first one is over, but the page says:  "4 SECRET FLASH-GIVEAWAYS"... so I'm guessing there will be 3 more during this 24 hour sale.

Easiest way to keep track is probably via their twitter or facebook feeds.
I was considering picking up Syberia 2 from GoG as it was only $1.99, but was kind of disappointed that the first game wasn't also on sale.

And then conveniently Steam has them both in a bundle for $1.49 in their vote sale thingy.
ALAN WAKE's: American Nightmare FREE for 30 mins only !!
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ALAN WAKE's: American Nightmare FREE for 30 mins only !!
I bought the original Alan Wake on my 360 (when I used that), and traded it in... However, not going to turn down a free game, might be able to send it on to somebody who actually wants it or something
With such a huge collection I'm kind of disappointed: it's basically the same bunch of games on sale in a constant loop. I keep refreshing hoping to see something new, but nope, same game I didn't want 2 hours ago.
It's sad that Gothic 1 wasn't on sale even once, but it's a different publisher than Gothic 2+3, so no wonder.
Hmm, in the sale summary, they are talking about a "a gaming knowledge contest". Did anyone participate (or even notice it) ?