Gp2x - First Impressions

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Dec 28, 2005
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Let me explain a few things:

- The GP2x was created within a very short time limit, on a very tight budget.

- The GP2x was created by three people, not a whole R&D department.

- The GP2x has a SoC design. This is cheap and effective.

- The GP2x stick sucks, yes, but there are projects to replace it. I'm going to replace mine with a DPad!

- If you like the PSP's ghosty screen and squished aspect ratio, go ahead and buy one. It was created by a cast of thousands over two years, most probably.

Hey. The GP2x beats the iPod for music and video, PSP for games and emulators (NO HACKING WOO) and it's an all around good machine. Very cheap, too. It beats the hell out of other 'third party' handhelds. Gizmondo, Game King (cute console ^^), stuff like that. All created by very tiny companies.

Oh, and the emus on the GP2x will flourish. It has more software in.. er.. since November, than the PSP had in it's ENTIRE EXISTANCE =D Patience!


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Apr 4, 2005
purplesky posted on Mar 15 2006 at 06:04 PM said:
I bought it because I thought it would be an improvement over the GP32. Personally, for me, it isn't.
Fair enough.

I love my GP32 for 8 bit stuff.... if the GP2X had a significantly better screen than the GP32 (which it doesn't), and a better joypad (which again it doesn't), I would have probably liked it.
That makes perfect sense to me too.

Now yes I can see what you are saying about the 3d GPU - I knew the machine did not have one from the start, but what I am saying is that it should have.
Why should it have? My point in asking this is that you seem to be wishing it to be a PSP, and it's not. Why would you want something that's more like something you've already got (the PSP)? I just can't see what the point of buying it would be. You're clearly delighted with your PSP and your GP32 - what on Earth did you think the GP2X was going to offer you that these didn't?

Anyway, hope you continue to enjoy the PSP. It's a good console, I think, but doesn't offer me anything I'd wish for my GP2X (except a faster processor).

Diversity and competition is healthy and interesting to me, and I think helps encourage the different manufacturers and their coders to try to produce better things than the others.
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• There's a sticky for this.
• Every one is indeed entitled to their opinion.
• You're not going to convince anyone here to sell their GP2X, or sway anyone who's seriously thinking about getting one.
• Good luck in your future gaming endevours.
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