Release [GP2X] Heart of the Alien Redux


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Nov 30, 2007
This day, 10 years ago, DJWillis released an alpha version of Heart of the Alien Redux for GP2X.
Maybe it's time for a final release.

Heart of The Alien Redux is an engine remake of the game Heart of The Alien.

Heart of the Alien is a sequel to Another World developed exclusively for the Sega CD console.
The game switches the player's role from Another World; this time the player takes control of Buddy, the main character's alien ally from the previous game.

Original game data is required for playing - read the readme for installation instructions.

You can download the GP2X version here.

Stick: Up, Down, Left, Right

X: Shoot, keep down in order to run
B: Use your whip
A: Jump
X+B+A: Activate a bomb (only needed once)

Start: Toggle scaling between fullscreen and original unscaled resolution
Select: Leave game

Left Trigger: Quick Save
Right Trigger: Quick Load
Volume Buttons: Increase and Decrease volume

The source code is inside the zip and on GitHub.

Original source code:
as an proud gp2x owner, all i can say is: ***awesome***!!!
i own my device since 2005 and still love it. it's so cool to have new releases in 2016, keep up the good work! :)
Maybe for Wiz ?

I don't know if it works with Ginge, but a native port would be better and it shouldn't be too hard to port (for someone who has a Wiz, unlike me).
I'd be interested in a Wiz or Caanoo version.

Unfortunately I'm not able to give it a try myself atm.
It's obviously beyond belief for some people here that not everyone's owning a Pandora.