Heart Of The Alien Redux Gp32

Regards the GP2X.

I dug out my partial port and recompiled it ;).

Big plus point is it still works :D.

It has no sound support (yet) as I was moving all that to use Tremor (OGG Vorbis) and tweaking it when I got working on something else months ago.

Is anybody interested in it? Should I fix sound up 1st or release it as it is?
OMG! I always believed the sequels of AW are 2 FBs: Flash Back and Fade to Black that I'm deadly wrong! :D

I look forward it comming to GP2x :)

Nice work!!
As promised...


No sound and you really MUST read the readme. Its a rough release that has been sat on my harddisk for months (I built it for the GP2X dev kits 1st to give you an idea ;))

Now built with SDL 1.2.9.
TV out works :D.
Control needs some work.
Scalar is off in this build so black bar at screen bottom.

Check my site and the readme for links and loads more info.
I have the ISO but it is 425 mb. It has .bin, .doc, .mac .mat, .snd, .txt files what do I rip out of it?

Edit: When I extract the iso all the files are 9.08 mb. Is that how big it is supposed to be?
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Done :)


- Added support for audio tracks:

Extract the audio tracks with an util like CDEX and convert them with Goldwave and
the option Batch Processing to Wav, PCM unsigned 8 bit, mono, 11025. The files must be renamed to hota02.wav, hota03.wav.... hota42.wav and copied to gpmm/hota


Note: for now, audio for long cutscenes isn't played due to memory problems.

I've also included a fullscreen version that stretches the game screen to 320x240 (hotafs.fxe)


Hota v1.1

reshare this last file with sound and full screen version, please