Has anyone checked out RCR new dos port on the pandora?

Looks likes the MS-DOS version IS out. I checked my Steam folder and there is a zip file with the MS-DOS version in the game folder.... Going to try it out on the Pandora now.

EDIT: yes it works well.

EDIT2: maybe a little sluggish in places, compared to videos of it on Youtube, but very playable.
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Very honorable, the Dev of that game really has some serious talent. I was already impressed with his NES Version of RCR. Now he squeezed the entire game onto a single 3,5" Diskette and it runs on a 486 DOS PC.

I wish that more modern retro games would be that optimized so we also could play 2D games like "Shovel Knight" or "FTL" on the Pandora. :)
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I also have RCR on Steam, seems like i have to try dis out :)

Dos this also work on Qumenu??

Retro City Rampage on Pandora, this should be awesome :)
So how to make this whit dosbox??

I have the free version of dosbox on pandora, but dosnt played around whit it

Cos i found qmenu lots of easear
I have the free version of dosbox on pandora, but dosnt played around whit it
There was a non-free version of dosbox?

I usually use: http://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=dosbox.pickle

it's fairly straight forward... you put games in the pandora/appdata/dosbox/games directory. If you use the dosbox with DboxFE launcher you get a gui that you can change some settings, default usually works well enough. So you launch and you get a DOS command line. You just need to CD into the folder you have RCR installed and type RCR which is the executable to launch the game...

I've never used CB/Streak version of DOSBOX, I find it overly convoluted when you all you need is a command prompt.
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I have to try it out, first i need to update my Steam Game to RCR DX

Which will cost about one hour

Wobei: steam needs to update now and it seems like its a lot MB..
Has anyone tried the NES version or is that not available separately to the main game?
A shame there isnt any GBA Version, i would like to play it on my Revo :)

Steam is now about to load the Update, so it should be in 50 Minutes ready :)
So i only have to type cd, than rcr??

Or the game needs 28 minutes to be down..

I think i want to put in on my pandora tody, and try it to run tomorow..
The minimum screen resolution for FTL will rule out the Pandora regardless of processing power; however, there is this for the C64 (and thus VICE on the Pandora)


Edit: I should mention it's currently only a "Preview"
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