Help Overclocking Uae4all And Uae2x


Aug 21, 2006

Having a bit of a tough time getting both of the new Amiga emulators working at the speeds I'm reading about. A big thanks to Critical and Gnostic for their work so far, and everyone else who has contributed.

First of all, even with the latest revision of UAE4ALL (6.2), it still crashes when I try to adjust the overclocking in the menu. FYI - my GP2X goes to 250 MHz without problems. And I'm sure that alll of you know that UAE2X also has the same crash when you make those adjustments in the program.

I thought I would try and adjust the overclocking in the tweak scripts as a way around this. The stock tweak scripts for both are set to overclock at 266 so they immediately crash. I modified the tweak scripts down to 250 MHz using a text editor but when I run those scripts on the GP2X nothing happens, just a black screen. There are a lot of other settings in the tweak scripts that I have no idea how to change.

At this point I'm guessing that I needed to use a proper HEX editor rather than a text editor, but I would welcome any suggestions. Or do I need to play with the other settings in the tweak scripts?

At this point all I've managed to do is use Gmenu2x to force each program to run at 250 MHz but I'm sure that I'm missing out on the other speed enhancements that are possible. Thanks for any suggestions, everyone. I'm DYING to play my Amiga fullspeed on the 2x!



Coltrane Sundia
Aug 7, 2004
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You don't need a hex editor, just a text editor that will save the file with Unix line endings, like UltraEdit or Programmer's Notepad.


Oct 20, 2006
Does uae4all work on 2.1(.1)

I get a screenful of lines (as though it crashed) when I start it.
but randomly pressing keys does get me to the kickstart 1.3
"insert a disk" screen. randomly whacking more keys takes me
back to what I assume is the main menu, only it's still garbled.