I had a leather holster made

Yes it is, but not all of us got an email yet, I think they are at the first 23 or so.. So they got the Mail äs a Week ago, and during the Christmas Weekend, a lot of Pyra got Pree Assembled..
i would suspect the next Email to come on Saturday because the Shop is Closed at 30 /31.12 until 1.1 2021 to change some things for VAT and Brexit..
im 28 and also ditnt got a Mail yet..

The Leather Holster looks cool ^^

Send from something, i guess ^^
Hi @Young Ace

Yes, I have recently received my Pyra and have just emailed the guy who made the Pandora holster to ask whether his business is still up and running, and if he'd still be interested to make one or multiple holsters for me/us.
As soon as he answers I will ask around on the forum here who would be interested in one.

I'd have to order an empty Pyra case that he can use as a mold first.. Lets hope @EvilDragon will not come up with an altered case anytime soon XD