Music Player Concept


arr matey?
May 21, 2008
rabidpoobear said:
trevs is sending me the images tomorrow, PM him and I'm sure he'll send you the zip also.

so i guess we're gonna have a competition to see whose lightweight media player is better :p
If you actually get something done though I'll probably just drop mine since I have a lot of other projects to work on.
I just didn't know anyone else was going to work on it so I started writing it myself.

Lol, well same here. im not fully focused at this. Development could stop for some time suddenly (think something will get finished though). So please go ahead!
Also feel free to use the graphics from the mockup, i'll get other ones. not at that stage yet anyway.

And after all, it's never wrong to have more players to choose from.

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Mar 17, 2006
Sorry to hijack, but have you considered using mpd as the media player and just having a skinable client on top of it. Hey I know of just such a client. :) Okay, this is a thinly veiled begging for capable graphics folks to help out skinning ommpc for Pandora. It's not exactly what your looking for in your lightweight player and currently the skin format is a little too rigid to exactly match your concept, but here is what I came up with from crudely chopping up your original image.


See how I'm graphically challenged. :) Anyway, I think ommpc/mpd will be quite light compared to the other current desktop offerings. Since it's runs quite well on the gp2x, it should pretty much fly on the Pandora. Playlists, Random playlists, shuffle current playlist, Browse library, filter(search), etc... Anyway, something to think about if the other lightweight players don't come to fruition...


GP Mafia
May 20, 2004
Aninhumer said:
Trevsweb said:
my aim is not for all media tho, just music!
In my opinion, music and video should be kept separate.

It makes sense on a media centre to have a unified interface since that's all they do, but the Pandora does a lot more than that.

Watching video and listening to music are entirely different things and have entirely different usage patterns.
Music requires a lot of organisation and information to be available.
Normally with videos though, you can pretty much get by with a file manager.

That said I use pure mplayer with no GUI to watch videos so I'm obviously crazy. :p

You aren't alone ;)
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Dec 29, 2009
nice layout. thats exactly what i want when playing music portably.

i dont see having separate programs for audio and video. in the end i hope to have vlc (or equivalent) on my nand, and xbmc along with a chunk of my library on a card. your layout would be an optimal skin for on the go listening on either of those platforms, and with a little research is well within your programing abilities (skinning is easy). i would use it in both.

::EDIT:: apart from XBMC i hate having any of media players manage my music. i have all my music sorted in folders. itunes is the worst


Aug 10, 2003
36 i guess i should mention that stuff about the creative commons thing, this zip contains my work blah blah... don't resell it without my consent. nuff said :)
heres a zip with all the images... mainly background images buttons and icons. if ive missed anything give me a pm :)

also i will attack and maul any slackers no two more months plz :p
nah thanks for your offers if you guys need something different just let me know.