Nintendo Gives European Wii Price

Stupid. Nintendo should just sell the Wii without Wii Sports and hit the $200 price. That's what they're doing in Japan... Let the customer decide how to spend that $50. That's just too close to the cheap X360 system (which I know isn't too widely available, but you know MS will point it out a LOT).

But it really doesn't matter for me.. I'm not buying at launch.
I'm not impressed

$250 converted and plus 17.5% vat is currently £155.55, and I bet they'll add more just to annoy us. I expect about £170 :(
Nintendo's new Wii console will go on sale on 19 November in the US, two weeks ahead of its Japanese launch.

The console will have a price tag of about $250 (£132) and its games will sell for about $50, the firm said.

Most of the 4 million consoles Nintendo plans to ship worldwide will head for the US, Nintendo America added.

Earlier Nintendo said the Wii would hit Japanese shop shelves priced at 25,000 yen ($213; £113) on 2 December. It has yet to set a date for its UK launch.