Pandoralive : Where do we go from here?

Thanks for all the answers!

My take-outs: 
- I will probably keep the name Pandoralive for now, and maybe look for alternative names in parallel in case something good can be had. 
- I'll focus mainly on the Pyra but will update the Pandora situation once in a while when something relevant comes up. 
- no volunteers basically, so you'll get what I can do with the time I have.  :p

you might be able to persuade me to write some articles for the Pyra.  i spend enough time checking on the boards, might as well do something productive with that time...
- no volunteers basically, so you'll get what I can do with the time I have.  :p

This is, where zLoud failed years ago, too. He had plans for a pandora blog before you even registered here. However he did want to make a platform, most of the articles should be written from other pandora users. He looked like years for some authors and in the end he abandoned the project at all. So in fact it was foreseeable, that you would not find participants. And if you stop writing at all, the blog will just die. :)
I have a suggestion for the name. Keep Pandora alive but also have Pyra on fire. Something like:

Pandora Alive / Pyra On Fire. Or if you prefer Pyra On Fire / Pandora Alive. After all ED has PYRA / Pandora at the top of these very pages.
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The Site about Pyra and Pandora :)

Short and both are inside.

Pyra first and Pandora second :)
Cover both the Pandora and the Pyra, IMHO.  You could still call it Pandoralive, but if you are looking for a more broad term, something like "DragonLive" might work.

-God Ginrai
If all future devices (if any) are to be "DragonBox X", with "X" currently "Pyra", how about a dragon-related title? 'Twould be better for future-proofing.






DragonBoxing (take that!)



Tweak to taste.
It's getting worse with every post - and tbh I didn't think that would be possible after "Pydoralive". :huh:
I would slap you if you took my suggestion seriously.