Pc Games Choppy Sometimes..

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Thomas Dequinas

Okay, this is weird. Sometimes when running some of my PC games, they seem sorta choppy even if I've restarted Windows or even my computer, sometimes. I even wait a while after the restart. Other times restart or not they run perfectly. I'm wondering what's causing this and if there's anything I can do so my performance is almost usually very good.

One example of the games is Sonic Adventure DX (PC port). It runs choppy as hell sometimes but other times it runs perfectly and super smooth. I compare the performances while my graphic card settings are the same for each. It'd be great if anyone knows of a solution so my games can always run as they should.

EDIT: Well this is certainly strange.. I'm running Azureus now and ran SADX once again and it's running perfectly! Now I don't know if I coincidently ran it at the "right time" or if for some odd reason it's gotta do with Java. This doesn't make sense so I could still use some help if anyone can determine why this is B) .